These Dogs Wearing Disney Loungeflys Are the Spark of Joy We Needed Today

We’ve seen some pretty darn cute things during our time as Disney fans.

Magic Kingdom

From little kids meeting their favorite characters in the parks to families watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom for the first time, the life of a Disney fan pretty much includes “Aww!” and “How precious!” on a constant rotation in your vocabulary. And if you’re an animal lover, you’re about to smile so hard your cheeks hurt!

One of our favorite Disney accessories is a Loungefly backpack. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and several people on our team have quite the collection of these bags. But what’s even better than a Loungefly collection for humans? A Loungefly collection for DOGS!

©Loungefly A dog wearing a Loungefly!

Loungefly Europe shared a video from the Toy Fair UK, where they displayed a variety of pet accessories, including tiny Loungefly backpacks for your dog! The video shows off several paw-some models rocking the latest creations. You and your furry BFF can match!

So the next time you need somewhere to store treats or a favorite pet toy during your walk to the park, we know EXACTLY what you need. From Stitch to Winnie the Pooh to Ewoks, they’ve got bags for all kinds of fans! We’d seen this collection announced previously, but it’s cool to see it in action now.


So if you excuse us, we’ll be running to the Loungefly website to buy our pets a well-deserved gift. (And maybe getting ourselves one to match!)

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Would you buy a backpack for your dog? Tell us in the comments!

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