REVIEW: We Tried a Mickey-shaped Churro Cream Puff and We’ll NEVER Look at Pastries the Same Way Again

Okay, it is NO secret that when it comes to iconic — and delicious — Disney snacks, Disneyland churros are hard to beat.

Rancho del Zocalo in Disneyland

Not only do they come in a variety of flavors, but those churros also inspire other snacks, like the Churro Toffee (seriously, it’s the BEST). Well, the churro has now inspired a brand new snack. But does this new snack live up to its churro inspiration? Come with us as we find out!

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Okay, so we’re headed over to Rancho del Zocalo in Disneyland to try the Mickey-shaped Churro Cream Puff. Okay, that’s like five words that seriously make us SO HAPPY. We’re OBSESSED with Mickey-shaped food, obviously. We’re also obsessed with churros. Plus, adding Cream Puffs? DISNEY, WE LOVE YOU!

Mickey-shaped Churro Cream Puff!!!

For $7.99, you get a Mickey-shaped churro cream puff filled with cinnamon pastry cream, topped with cinnamon Craquelin and cinnamon sugar. Cream puffs can go stale SO fast, but this treat is kept refrigerated, so it’s nice and soft when you get it. But does it taste like a churro?

Yep, it’s shaped like Mickey!

YES!!! It’s like a churro but a little fancier than one you can just carry in your hand on the go — no, you want to sit down and enjoy every bite of this baby. Inside the pastry is a liberal amount of cream, too, and it also has subtle hints of cinnamon — it’s sort of like a vanilla cinnamon custard. The flavor is mild so that it doesn’t overwhelm the pastry.

SO good

It’s also a good portion size, especially with all that cream. We thought it was very filling, especially for something under $8. Now, we will say the chocolate piece on top isn’t anything special — it’s more decorative than anything. But we dipped it in the cream, and YUM. By the way, Mickey’s ears also have cream in them! Disney knocked it out of the park with this treat.

LOTS of cream inside

So head on over to Rancho del Zocalo to try it for yourself and tell ’em that Disney Food Blog sent you. Maybe they’ll decide to keep it on the menu permanently (we can only hope!).

Stay tuned to DFB for more reviews!

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What’s your favorite churro or churro snack in Disneyland? Share with us in the comments!

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