PHOTOS: Scrim & Scaffolding Up Around Soarin’ Restrooms and Humphrey’s Shop at Disney California Adventure

A new refurbishment project has begun in Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure. Construction walls, scaffolding, and scrim are now up around Humphrey’s Service & Supplies and the nearby restrooms.

Grizzly Peak Construction around Humphrey’s Service & Supplies

Construction walls and scrim around Humphrey's Service & Supplies.

Humphrey’s Service & Supplies and the restrooms are next to each other across from Soarin’ Around the World. The gift shop and restrooms remain open during construction work. The construction walls resemble a wooden fence.

A closer look at the scrim and scaffolding.

The scaffolding and tan scrim completely cover the aircraft hangar-like facade of Humphrey’s. The two retro gas pump props are right in front of the construction walls, with a lamppost between them.

Scrim and scaffolding cover the store, which is still open.

Signs next to the gift shop declare that it is open. Guests can walk through a tunnel between the construction walls and under a scaffolding platform to reach the store.

Guests walk past Humphrey's as scaffolding and scrim tower overhead.

The windsock on top of the facade is still visible poking up over the scaffolding.

Humphrey’s Service & Supplies is named after Humphrey the Bear, a classic Disney character that first appeared in the 1950 animated short film “Hold That Pose.” Humphrey appeared in a handful of other cartoons, usually as a rival to Donald Duck. Since the 1950s, he has only made a few cameo appearances in Disney films.

Scrim and scaffolding run over the entrance to restrooms.

There are also signs next to the restrooms declaring that they are open.

The facade likely won’t see major changes. It will probably be repainted and get minor maintenance. The facade of Soarin’ Around the World was similarly refurbished last summer.

The end of the scaffolding and scrim in this area.

The walls and scaffolding continue down to the end of the building, wrapping around the corner.

Grizzly Peak also includes the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Grizzly River Run, and Smokejumpers Grill. The land was originally called Grizzly Peak Recreation Area as a part of the larger Golden State land with Pacific Wharf and Condor Flats. After the Golden State name was retired, Condor Flats was ultimately absorbed into Grizzly Peak with the 2015 Grizzly Peak Airfield update.

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