Mickey Shaped Corn Holders and More Disney Items You Never Realized You Absolutely Need

So… we’ve been shopping again.

Let’s go shopping!

We know, we know. We said we would cut back… but we can’t help ourselves. We LOVE finding fun new Disney items to add to our collection. Whether it’s accessories, housewares, or anything in between — we gotta find it and we gotta have it. Some may say it is a shopping problem, but we look at it like it’s a hobby — because it is. We’ve been scrolling recently, and put together a fun list of things that you didn’t even know you needed — until NOW.

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We’ve spent a lot of time putting this list together, and we know you’re going to LOVE it as much as we do.

Mickey Mouse Glove Hand Corn Holders

First up, we have the most iconic thing on this list — the Mickey Mouse glove hand corn holders.


We think everyone needs these in their life. Why stick with boring old corn holders when you can have ones that are shaped like Mickey’s hands? These would be a great accessory for your kitchen and such a fun thing to pull out at a summer barbeque.

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Mickey Waffle Maker

We can all agree that one of the best parts about going to Disney World is the Mickey Waffles, right?


Well, now you can have them at home! This may not be the EXACT waffle maker that they use in the parks, but anything that is shaped like Mickey will do in a pinch. We will be adding this to our cart immediately!

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Waffle Mix

We know we said that the waffle maker wasn’t exactly like the one used at Disney World — but do you want to know what is?


This waffle mix! So, even if you don’t have the exact look of the waffles that you get during your trip, you can have the exact flavor! Pair the waffles with whatever you want or try to recreate your favorite Disney breakfast — the choice is yours!

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Pura and Disney Aromatherapy Scent

Pura has partnered with Disney to bring the scents of their most iconic Disney movies to you!


With this, you can fill your home with the scents of Elsa’s journey to Altohallan. This fragrance features fruity notes as well as some homey, comforting notes. Just grab your Pura diffuser and turn on Frozen II, and you’ll be ready to join Elsa on her journey into the unknown!

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Mickey Ear Holder

Do you have dozens of Mickey ears and no place to show them off at home? We have found the most aesthetic solution for that issue!

Ear Holder

This stand can hold multiple pairs of ears so you can easily store them at the top of your closet or on display in your room for all to see!

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Thor Hammer Meat Tenderizer

Love to cook? Looking to add some Marvel fun to your nightly dinner routine? We stumbled across this Thor Hammer meat tenderizer and just had to share it!


Useful and adding some Disney magic to our day to day? Yes, please!!

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We love taking you guys shopping with us! We’re always looking out for some new and fun Disney items, so keep checking in with us at DFB to see what we find next!

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