McDonald’s Just Sent Me a Text About How To Get FREE Burgers for a Year

Why do we talk about McDonald’s so much, you may ask?


Well, McDonald’s and Disney have a long history together; there’s literally a McDonald’s on Disney World property, plus we often see Disney-themed Happy Meal toys. If you’re a big fan of the fast food restaurant like we are, you’ll never believe the text message we were just sent.

When we heard our phone ding, the last thing we expected was a McDonald’s text telling us that the Hamburglar is on the loose! He was last seen riding away with McDonald’s best burgers in a car with the license plate RBL RBL. Be on the lookout!


The text asks you to text back the city you’re located in, and McDonald’s will tell you if he’s nearby. You could potentially win a prize pack or free burgers for a YEAR!

We want free burgers for a year!

So far, we haven’t heard anything else, so the Hamburglar must still be driving around on the loose. You can bet we’ll be keeping a close eye on our phones, though!

McDonald’s always cheers us up!

Speaking of McDonald’s, did you know that a GIGANTIC new Double Big Mac Burger is HERE? Of course, we had to go and try it for ourselves, and we had THOUGHTS.

This is… a lot.

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