If You Need Us, We’ll Be Booking a Trip to This NEW Cruise Destination 👀

What type of vacation are you looking forward to having in 2025?

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Yes, we know 2024 just kicked off — but if you ask us, it’s never too early to start planning! If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got plenty of recommendations. Whether you’re looking forward to a Disney World trip, a cruise, or something in between — we think you’re going to want to take a look at this new cruise destination!

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Carnival Cruise Line is sharing a brand new look at its latest destination — Celebration Key! This exclusive space on Grand Bahama is “designed to offer guests a key for unlocking their type of paradise.”


Celebration Key will feature “endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation” in five different areas called “portals.” The destination will feature the largest freshwater lagoons in the Caribbean, a white sand beach, an exclusive adults-only club, and a variety of dining venues and bars.


Check out more details on the portals below:

  • The Welcome Portal is the point where guests are first immersed in the beauty of the destination and greeted with information to help guide them toward their own kind of fun. As live music fills the air, a much-larger-than-life sandcastle stands tall in the center of Celebration Key as the embodiment of all that is fun in the sun.
  • The Family-Friendly Portal is the place for families with kids of all ages to enjoy their time at Celebration Key. The day can include swimming in the large freshwater lagoon, alongside a splash pad with a shallow pool, two exciting racing waterslides in the large sandcastle, sports courts, spaces designed for kids and teens to enjoy, a beautiful beach with all types of beach loungers and a variety of cabana rentals, including beach cabanas, villas with personal slides into the lagoon and floating cabanas. There are not only activities for the whole family, but also a variety of dining options and cuisines, that will appeal to all taste buds.
  • The Adult-Friendly Portal is designed for adults looking to spend their day enjoying the freshwater lagoon or at the beach lounging on the warm white sands and splashing around in the Bahamian waters to kick back and relax. Guests can also find their favorite cocktails at a large swim-up bar while they enjoy a high energy vibe curated by a talented DJ. A variety of cabana rentals, including beach cabanas, villas with personal slides into the lagoon and floating cabanas are available. There are also several dining venues, including a full-service restaurant that will offer a variety of cuisines, including local Bahamian flavors.
  • The Private Club Portal is a premium experience curated for those who are seeking a relaxing and luxurious day in paradise. The private club is an adult-only retreat, with a stunning infinity pool, overlooking the best views of the Bahamian waters, with loungers swaying beneath palm trees and vibrant foliage. A dedicated section of the beach provides premier and private access, along with elevated dining experiences.
  • The Retail Portal will showcase Bahamian culture, featuring a backdrop of beautiful murals painted by Bahamian artists and shopping that will include authentic Bahamian artisanal goods and local Bahamian retailers, along with Duty-Free stores. As they explore this portal, guests will also find several food and beverage options serving Bahamian flavors.


Celebration Key is a featured destination on more than 500 itineraries that are available to book now. Eighteen different ships will sail from nine homeports in the US. The first cruises to visit this new port will get to do so in July 2025! We can’t wait to see more details about this destination!

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