Disney Vacation Club: How to Make Buying Into DVC Affordable

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If you’re a big Disney fan, I’m sure you know about Disney Vacation Club (DVC). You’ve undoubtedly seen the advertisements on Disney busses, passed the kiosks in the parks, and maybe you’ve even stayed in one of the DVC resorts or have taken a tour. If you come to Disney often, DVC makes a lot of sense. So why haven’t you bought in yet? If you’re like most people, it may seem unaffordable because the initial price is so steep. But through our partners at DVC Resale Market, you can buy a DVC contract for much less than Disney charges, saving you thousands of dollars.

A look eastward at Disney's Boardwalk Resort.

How does this work? DVC Resale Market connects you with DVC members looking to sell their contracts. And just like any other real estate, the price of the contract is subject to market conditions. Disney can charge above-market rates because they’re Disney, and most people don’t know about buying resale. Buying resale by purchasing through DVC Resale Market affords you the opportunity to pay a price that is determined by the prevailing market situation, which is less, sometimes much less, than buying directly from Disney.

Have you been following along with our article series about how DVC works? In Volume 1: Timeshare Basics, we talked about timeshares in general and how Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare but is also very different from a typical timeshare. In Volume 2: DVC Basics - All About Points, we delved into the points system that DVC uses to book accommodations. In Volume 3: DVC Basics – Use Years, Banking, and Borrowing, we took a deep dive into how you can use your points wisely by banking and borrowing points. Volume 4: Exchanges investigated the ins and outs of exchanging your DVC points for Disney Cruise Line cruises, accommodations at other Disney resorts, or stays at hundreds of resorts around the world through Interval International.

Below are a few examples of the huge difference between Disney’s current pricing (per point) and an actual resale contract currently available for sale through DVC Resale Market (active at the time of publication).

Resort Current Resale Price (per point) Disney Direct Price (per point) Savings (per point) Savings Percent Listing ID
Animal Kingdom Villas $102 $210 $108 51% AK34201
Beach Club Villas $110 $275 $165 60% BCA1859
Boulder Ridge Villas (Wilderness Lodge) $88 $215 $127 59% BRB1381
Polynesian Villas & Bungalows $134 $250 $116 46% PLB2965
Saratoga Springs Resort $88 $205 $117 57% SSB5666

As you can see in these examples, you can save quite a bit of money when buying resale. Of course, there are drawbacks to buying resale, such as the lack of DVC member discounts on food and merchandise, but the tremendous savings will more than offset that. Plus, Annual Passholders get those same food and merchandise discounts, and most DVC members visit often enough that an annual pass makes sense anyway.

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Saving 50% or more on the purchase of a DVC contract can mean the difference between affording a vacation each year, and not being able to. Plus, with the always-rising prices that always continue to escalate at Disney, purchasing a contract now and locking in a great deal will continue to pay rewards far into the future.

Beach Club Quiet Pool area

If this has convinced you that it’s time to purchase a DVC contract and save thousands of dollars, or to see what other contracts are available, check out all the resale listings at DVC Resale Market today! They are DVC experts and will be sure to find you the contract you want, at the resort you want, at the price you want. Take the next step toward being the super Disney fan and own a piece of the magic. Contact DVC Resale Market today and tell them you’re a WDWNT reader!

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