5 Sneaky Hidden Secrets in Disney Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

With Walt Disney Studios being over 100 years old, there is no doubt that their catalog of movies and characters is expansive!

Beauty and the Beast in the Festival of Fantasy parade in Disney World

We have recently uncovered some hidden treasures and facts about the costumes worn by Disney characters in their movies. These are fascinating fun facts, and we hope you find them just as interesting as we did!

Both animated and live-action costumes alike will be mentioned, and we think it is so incredibly cool that animated films, like their live-action counterparts, have costume designers who have created these hidden details!

Frozen II

The beautiful dresses and outfits in the Frozen movies have become iconic representations of our favorite Nordic characters.

Hello, Elsa!

The costume designers for Frozen II traveled to Europe, specifically Nordic countries like Finland, Norway, and Iceland, to gather ideas and influences. The resulting fashion in the movies draws inspiration directly from fashion culture within these Nordic countries!


Have you wondered if there are any hidden hints about each character’s magical gift in their clothing?

The Encanto costume designers, and real-life sisters Neysa and Lorelay Bové, revealed that each character’s clothing is reminiscent of their gift! Spices adorn Julieta’s skirt, while Luisa’s skirt has dumbells embroidered on it! Antonio’s vest features animals, while Dolores’ costume is decorated with sound waves!

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The 2017 live-action edition of Beauty and the Beast features a lot of fun facts and costume considerations!

Hi, Belle!

For example, Gaston’s outfits differ slightly from his animated counterpart. The costume designer of the movie, Jacqueline Durran, explained that they took inspiration from 18th-century military style and dressed Gaston according to that.


And get this — Prince Adam’s (aka, the Beast in human form) first outfit is adorned with thousands of real Swarovski crystals! The embroidery on his coat also features a wild boar, a dragon, and a lion, all to be reminiscent of his family crest.

Cruella (2021)

Cruella does nothing subtly, and the same can be said for her costume designers.

Don’t act like Cruella in the parks!

Oscar-winning costume designer, Jenny Beavan described just how intricate the costumes of Cruella were, stating that over 5,000 petals were used for the large petal-covered gown worn by Cruella in the film. More accurately, 5,060 petals were used for that dress. That’s a lot of petals!

She’s fabulous!

These facts are so neat to us! We love learning more about what goes into making the magic we all love to watch on screen, and we absolutely admire all of the hard work put into it.

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