4 Secret Facts REVEALED About Universal’s Epic Universe

Universal Orlando just dropped a lot of information about its new Epic Universe theme park, including details about some rides, restaurants, and other features coming to the new, immersive lands. But there are some more SECRET facts hidden in the announcements!


We dug into the latest announcements and spotted four hidden details that you won’t want to miss!

The Dining Room at Atlantic Gives the Illusion of Being Underwater

One of the new restaurants coming to Celestial Park at Epic Universe is Atlantic. This full-service restaurant is located “across the shimmering waters of the Neptune pool” and specializes in seafood and steaks. Universal describes it as “an undersea culinary fantasy.”


The decor turns the dining room into “an enormous Victorian aquarium,” complete with starfish and illuminated fish. Universal shared this fun fact about the dining room: “The decorative fish that line the ceiling are surrounded by metallic curtains that shimmer as they sway, creating the illusion of being underwater in a massive aquarium.”


But that’s not the only hidden fact about this restaurant. There will also be a BAR inside! You can grab a cocktail at the Aquaria Bar.

The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant Has Easter Eggs Hidden in the Decor

Another restaurant coming to Celestial Park is The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant.


Here, visitors dine “inside a bustling courtyard, where it’s always evening under the glow of ethereal lanterns.” The restaurant serves Pan-Asian cuisine.


Universal shared more details about the decor of this spot, noting that “dazzling neon dragons chase across the walls.” There’s also a Tiger Bar with a big neon sign! But the decor is more than just pretty — it’s also filled with easter eggs!


Universal said, “Be sure to keep your eyes open while dining. The signage hanging around the restaurant contains many easter eggs of Celestial Park you won’t want to miss.

Ride Vehicles on Starfall Racers Will Really Look Like Comets at Night

We can’t WAIT to ride Starfall Racers, which is a dual-launch roller coaster with ride vehicles that are decorated to look like comets.


This ride sounds like it’ll be awesome any time of day, but there’s one very important reason why you might want to ride it at NIGHT. Universal shared, “With no external track lighting at night, the fully illuminated ride vehicles appear as comets shooting across the night sky above Celestial Park.


Since the ride vehicles are lit up but the track isn’t, it’ll look like the track isn’t even there in the dark!


The coaster will reach speeds up to 62MPH with a track that’s 5,000 feet long and reaches up to 133 feet high.

Don’t Forget To Look Up When You Ride Constellation Carousel

Another ride coming to Celestial Park is Constellation Carousel. This carousel will have carriages shaped like celestial lions, peacocks, dragons, and more.


Each of those animals turns 360 degrees and lifts up to six feet in the air. But you won’t want your attention to just be on the animals — you’ve got to look up to see some cool features on the ceiling! Universal said, “The ceiling of Constellation Carousel is a Star Tracker featuring rotating celestial star patterns, with a center Mesmerizer creating a ribbon cone effect above you while riding.”


We can’t wait to see all the new attractions when Epic Universe opens in 2025. Want more news about this new theme park? Check out these posts:

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