3 CLUES Disney World Gave Us This Week

We’ve been in love with Disney World for basically our whole lives, okay?

Magic Kingdom

So, it’s safe to say that we’ve started to kind of pick up on hints that Disney drops. Clues they leave behind. Well, it’s more like Disney does things that can sometimes really get our hopes up, and then it’s all that we can focus on for the next week. Disney did that a few times THIS week, and we’re here to share those clues that we think Disney could be droppin’. 👀

Alright, sleuths. Who’s ready to look at some clues?

Clue #1 — Disney could SHORTEN the Food and Wine Festival.

Okay, y’all. We’re about to get into some evidence. EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival used to start in August, and run until November. Then, it changed to starting in July, and still run until November. However, in previous years, they keep pushing back the start date again and again. The 2023 festival started 10 days later than the one in 2020.

Artist Palette of Wine and Cheese at the Food and Wine Festival

Oh, and Disney actually DID shorten the Flower and Garden Festival! All of this leads us to think that the Food and Wine Festival could be on its way to being a shorter, fall-only kind of deal.

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Clue #2 — We could see MORE menu changes at Disney’s BoardWalk.

We were strolling on the BoardWalk and decided to check out Trattoria al Forno, one of our favorite restaurants that still hasn’t brought back one of our FAVORITE character dining experiences, Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast. Here, you could meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, as well as Ariel and Prince Eric.

Trattoria al Forno

We were informed that there has been a CHANGE in the bar menu offerings at Trattoria al Forno. From reopening until now, the bar offerings were provided by Trattoria al Forno for AbracadaBAR, and now that has changed over to being serviced by Flying Fish Cafe (which neighbors the bar to the opposite side of Trattoria al Forno.) So, does this mean that more things will change for the Trattoria menu? WILL WE MAYBE SEE THE RETURN OF BON VOYAGE? Okay, that’s probably a stretch. But we could totally see more menu changes.

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Clue #3 — We’re probably going to blow our diet in 2024. 

We tried to set those New Year’s resolutions where we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t eat three desserts a day anymore. Well, we already have an inkling that these resolutions won’t really go over well. We found something super delicious this week and we just have to share it. It’s the TWIX Chocolate Caramel Bundt Cake for $5.99. It’s a mini chocolate bundt cake with caramel filling, topped with chocolate fudge frosting and chopped TWIX, and you can get it at the Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom. 

It’s literally delicious

It’s dense, but moist. Sweet without being overwhelming, with a rich chocolate flavor. The frosting is sweet, pairs well with the cake, and the TWIX crumbles enhance the cake rather than just clumping up and being super distracting — like some crushed caramel treats can do. We recommend this to anyone and everyone who loves chocolate or bundt cakes!

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