10 Little Things That Make Disney Adults Irrationally Angry

Not many things can make a Disney adult offended enough to the point of anger but when we are… look out!

Cinderella Castle

Sure, Disney adults can handle just about anything Disney throws our way between ride changes, seeming constant construction, and restaurants switching things up, but if you’re looking to grind a Disney adult’s gears, any of these 10 things are sure to press those buttons.

As Disney adults we know not everyone who visits the parks will have the same etiquette, respect for the Cast Members and characters, and wholesome appreciation as we do for the Disney World parks but we still visit and hope for the very best.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We recently reflected on a few of the things that can really take interacting with a Disney adult from 0 to 60 the quickest way possible, and we’ve got lots of thoughts!

Middle-Of-The-Walkway Stoppers

Yep, that’ll do it! Just when you think you’re making great timing for your next ride, attraction, reservation, or show your plans are ultimately thwarted with a single action, or rather, inaction.

Keep moving!

People stopping in the middle of the walkway or path is a very common occurrence but can especially be a nuisance to someone who’s got a goal in mind. If you find that you need to stop and look around for a bit, consider stepping over to the side or gradually pull your stroll over that direction to allow others behind you to continue moving forward.

Improper Names

One thing we Disney adults may be blind to is that not everyone is as well versed in Disney terminology as we are, and that’s where it’s on us but it doesn’t keep it from bothering us.

Spaceship Earth in EPCOT

It can be super frustrating to hear phrases like “Millenial Falcon”, calling Spaceship Earth the EPCOT (golf) ball, or mixing up the character names like calling Donald Duck Daffy Duck (who’s from an entirely different franchise altogether.)

Galaxy’s Edge

We’ve caught ourselves doing it from time to time, but if a Disney adult catches you using a park or destination’s former name like MGM Studios in place of Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Downtown Disney instead of Disney Springs, you’ll likely be in for a talking to! That will probably be followed up with an extensive history lesson in what prompted the change so if you’re not ready for the cliff notes of certain Disney history, you’ll want to do your best to avoid getting caught doing this!

Hollywood Studios

We’ll probably get to a place where we can laugh about it but it doesn’t keep it from really striking a chord with us in the moment.

People Judging Us (Who Obviously Aren’t As Cool)

Hey, we’re no one to judge and all are welcome to become a Disney adult, but, if we hear of people we know judging us… it’s going to sting a little bit.


For the most part, Disney adults pride themselves on being accepting and living in the magic and nostalgia that the theme parks, movies, and merchandise bring us. If that makes us uncool or “not grown up,” then, we’re not sure it was really for us in the first place.

Line Jumpers

We might be super nice Disney adults, but we’re fair.

Test Track lines

If we see you jumping the line (especially over and over again) you’re going to get some stern looks. Again, for the most part, Disney adults don’t have issues following the rules of the parks, and line jumping is definitely one that breaks an important rule. It’s disruptive to the flow of the crowd and could injure yourself or someone else in the process. The exception we’re willing to compromise with here is the need for bathroom trips.

Unsupervised Groups Of Disruptive People

Remember when we talked about Disney adults being big on following the rules? Yeah, this is going to kind of go hand in hand with that.

Toy Story Land crowds

Don’t get us wrong, there’s no “right” way to do Disney, but, if you’re breaking rules or being loud, rude, obnoxious, or disruptive, there’s not a place for that here. You’re totally within bounds to live your life and have your fun, but when that fun becomes a bit too much and impeeds on the experience of those around you, it’s time to reevaluate your actions.

There Really IS A Difference In the Park Slogans

This is one of the quickest ways to get a Disney adult’s attention in the worst way possible.

The Most Magical Place on Earth

Disney adults know their destinations, right down to the slogans. Walt Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” while Disneyland is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” If you’re not getting it right, we’ll probably let it slide the first time but don’t be surprised if we just can’t take it anymore and feel the need to correct you and quickly.

Harry Potter

Look, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a deep appreciation for various fandoms. But, this one around the Disney World parks will attract some looks.

Hogwarts Castle at Universal Orlando

We’ve seen countless folks on vacation wearing their Universal Orlando gear or more specifically Harry Potter-themed merchandise, robes, shirts, and even ears (yes, Harry Potter-themed ears) to Disney World but it’s distracting.

Hogwarts Express

We can’t begin to tell you how many times we’ve either been asked or have overheard someone asking for directions to Harry Potter land within Disney World only to hear their shock, frustration, and utter disappointment to learn you won’t find any of that here and could be a contributor to why we see the confusion so often.

Overhearing Wrong Or Just Plain Bad Advice

While we’re on this high horse of confusion, we’ve got another gripe to air. We’re really going to be bothered by bad or just plain wrong advice.

Guest Experience

We understand not everyone is going to know everything there is to know bout Disney World and the parks, and if there’s something we don’t know for sure, that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you. Before you’re ready to start rolling out advice so freely around the parks, to your friends and family before your or their trips, or even trying to give directions around the park, make sure what information you’re giving is proven to be true.

Guest Services

At one point or another, you were probably disappointed in your own experiences, and it is super frustrating for someone to come to Disney who’s going to be reliant on the exact advice they were given only to find out that it wasn’t true. To cut down on the chaos and further confusion, it’s best if you’re not 100% absolutely positive about something that they ask the experts (and by experts, we mean guest services, guest experience stands, or calling Disney directly.) You may even save your friendship with this small step!

People Not Obeying The Attraction Rules

We touched on how Disney adults feel about people being disruptive before, but this one could cause some serious drama.

“It’s A Small World” boats

We’re begging you, please just obey the ride and attraction rules… it’s really that simple. We’re all at Disney World to have fun, meet with the characters, have a great time riding rides, and enjoy living in the moment. When you choose not to obey the ride rules it causes the Cast Members or character attendants to also disrupt everyone else’s experience to remind these folks not to stick their hands in water, move their hands, arms, feet, legs, and head outside the ride vehicle or train, and can result in something as minor as a warning, to muting the audio, or stopping the ride entirely. So do yourself and everyone around you a courtesy and just obey the rules so we can continue with our day as smoothly as possible.

Of Course, We’re Going Back To Disney World… Again, Stop Asking

For Disney adults, there are probably not many other places on Earth we’d rather be, and when you ask us this, it can really rain on our parade.

All aboard!

There’s a genuine joy we get out of being surrounded by the environment that Disney creates. If that is enough to keep us going each day, then no one should stand in the way of that. Where we choose to go on vacation is simply that — our choice. Don’t worry, we’ll consider switching it up one day! Who knows… we could get a wild idea and go to Disneyland, take a Disney Cruise Line sailing, go see “the rest of the world” the Disney way with Adventures by Disney, or even take an international trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Disneyland Paris, or even Shanghai Disneyland.

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