The Best Backpacks For Disney World In 2024

Isn’t it interesting how a bag can either make or break your trip to Disney World?

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Your bag can be your best friend that carries your most needed necessities into the park with you. Even if you aren’t planning on carrying too much with you, that bag can also be a great addition to your outfit.

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While you may be tempted to just pack whatever old bag you can find, just like everything else you plan to bring you should put thought into how it will perform during your trip. You want to make sure you’re choosing the best bag for you or else it will just be another thing to carry! These are our tips for picking the best backpack to bring with you on your next Disney World vacation.

Best Backpack Features for Disney World

We like using the “Goldilocks” rule when trying to pick a backpack: not too big, not too little, but just right! Our best advice is to plan out what you’ll be bringing into the parks to figure out what size bag you’ll need — if you’re prepping for every possibility, you’ll need a big bag, but if you’re just popping in for a churro, you might be just fine with a tiny belt bag. Also, have an idea of how heavy your bag will be ahead of time. The average empty backpack weighs between 1 and 6 pounds, and after adding your belongings the final weight needs to be something you’ll be comfortable carrying around for 10+ hours.

Make sure you’ve got the right bag that won’t weigh you down since you’ll be on your feet ALL DAY!

Also be on the lookout for the features you’re interested in like comfortable straps, hidden pockets (for storing valuables), and charging ports for plugging in your phone on the go. Don’t forget about water-resistant bags, which are especially useful when visiting from July to September, Florida’s rainy season. There are so many features you can find across all kinds of backpack brands and styles — consider which aspects will be most useful to you and let that guide your choice!

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Best Overall Backpack for Disney World

Our pick for the best overall is the Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack from Amazon. This bag is both durable and water-resistant which will come in clutch for those afternoon rain showers at Disney World.


It is also incredibly compact by folding into its own zippered inner pocket. You can’t beat that functionality which will save a ton of space in your carryon.

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Best Budget Backpack for Disney World

On a budget? We’ve got the bag for you! You won’t have to give up functionality with the Abshoo Classical Travel Backpack. Not only is there plenty of space, it’s made of water-resistant fabric to protect your belongings even if you happen to get spit on by the camel in Magic Kingdom.

Abshoo Classical Travel Backpack

The mesh pockets on both sides are the perfect spots for holding water bottles, making them easy to access at any time. You can pick from a wide rainbow of colors, and you can easily personalize it with pins and patches!

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Best Disney-Themed Backpack for Disney World

When it comes to Disney-themed bags, Loungefly is the brand you want to shop for. They have a plethora of designs based on your favorite characters, movies, parks, rides, and almost anything Disney you can think of! This Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Scene Mini-Backpack is from Amazon. It has a large zippered main compartment and a smaller zippered pocket on the front. There is also a slip pocket on either side for easy access to small items like your cell phone or lip balm.


Their mini backpacks are also a great size if you prefer smaller bags and if you’re a fan of the Beast and Belle, you can’t go wrong with this one!

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Best Kids Backpack for Disney World

As your child gets older they may want their own special bag to bring with them to the parks. The Simple Modern Disney Kids Backpack is the perfect size for them, and they’re sure to love the classic Mickey Mouse print!

Simple Modern Disney Kids Backpack

Parents will be happy to know this backpack is made of easy-to-clean polyester. The straps are padded for comfort and adjustable so it can grow with them.

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Best Sling Backpack for Disney World

Sling backpacks are a favorite amongst our staff due to their size and convenience. They can be worn across your chest comfortably which gives you more control and makes it easier to access your bag’s contents without having to stop, take it off, and rifle through.

Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up Reactive Sling Backpack

The Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up Reactive Sling Backpack is a great choice not only for its size and shape but also its amount of pockets. Even small bags can be tricky to organize, but these are made with enough compartments so you won’t lose anything.

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Best Diaper Bag Backpack for Disney World

Parents of young children: you deserve a nice diaper bag. When it comes to Disney, Petunia Pickle Bottom is by far our favorite brand! Their designs, like this Axis Backpack, are made to look like a fancy bag while providing you with the functionality that you need.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack

The top compartment can actually separate from the insulated bottom section, and this bag comes with snazzy features like a top grab handle, a D-ring to attach to strollers, 7 different pockets, AND a removable changing pad. What CAN’T this bag do?

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Best Designer Backpack for Disney World

Looking for something that will pair well with the outfits you have picked? Kate Spade has partnered with Disney to create bags in the past, and this leather Minnie Dome Backpack is probably the most stylish way to carry sunscreen ever.

Kate Spade Minnie Dome Backpack

We love the unique shape of this bag, which has both a top zipper as well as a lower one that opens to a bottom compartment. The gold hardware pairs perfectly with Minnie’s classic red, white, and black color scheme!

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Best Backpack with Charging Port for Disney World

This bag blends modern tech with vintage charm. Between taking pictures, using the My Disney Experience App, and Genie+, you’re sure to run through your phone battery quickly. Charge your phone on the go with the MANCIO Vintage Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port!

MANCIO Vintage Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

Add your portable charger to the inside and plug it in, then you can plug your phone into the port on its exterior. Either carry your phone while it charges or let it sit in the side slip pocket; either way, you won’t have to choose between carrying your charger in your hands or leaving your phone in your bag.

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When it comes to picking a backpack, just make sure you do your research and prioritize what you will need most when you’re walking around the parks. For more helpful tips, stay tuned to our site!

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When you’re packing your park bag, what must-haves are you bringing with you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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