You Can Get a Controversial Disney Souvenir THIS WEEK

November 17th is a BIG day for Star Wars fans and Wookies everywhere. It’s Life Day!

Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland

Life Day is when Wookies celebrate what’s most important to them — culture, family, joy, and harmony. It’s not only celebrated by Wookies, so Star Wars fans, this is your invitation. Of course, this means we can expect some exciting things at the Disney parks. But, we spy with our little eye something CONTROVERSIAL coming for this holiday.

We’re talking about Star Wars SPORKS — you know, the spoon/fork combination from a galaxy far, far away. Well, believe it or not, these babies have a complicated past.

When Docking Bay 7 first opened in Disney World, these cool metal sporks were available for guests to use. Disney then experienced some problems when guests didn’t exactly want to part ways with the utensils after eating.

Original Spork at Docking Bay 7

Too many sporks were stolen, so they were taken away completely and regular utensils were put in their place. But they then became available for guests to purchase. This is similar to the pattern of events that took place in Disneyland when their version of Galaxy’s Edge opened.

Spork in Disney World

Now, there’s a SPECIAL spork landing on November 17th, but you’ll only be able to find it in Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge. The Life Day Spork will be available at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. They are being limited to 2 per person, per transaction. They also come with a carrying bag.



If you are wanting to grab one of these as a souvenir for Life Day, you’ll want to plan ahead. We have a feeling these might go fast.

Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

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