We’ve Collected Over 20 Disney100 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys…And We’ve Run Into a PROBLEM

If you’re like us, you’ve been running around to different McDonald’s collecting the new Disney100 Happy Meal toys.

Daisy, Shang-Chi, and an army of Simbas and Ednas

These adorable additions to Happy Meals will be available for a few months, and there are over 50 to collect. However, as we’ve been happily collecting these adorable figurines, we’ve started to run into a problem. 

If you live in a larger town, you may have a few McDonald’s around you and be able to get a few different toys. However, if you just have one nearby, or you’re going to yours often, you may start running into our problem — duplicates are EVERYWHERE.

We can hardly pick a favorite!

And unfortunately, a lot of these duplicates are at the stores you’re going to. Most of these stores seem to get in a shipment with all one collection of toys (since there are 2 in each package), so if you head there within the span of a few days, you’re likely to get all the same toys.

Hey, Mickey!

Now, when the store gets a new shipment, which could be every week or so, they may get new toys in, but there’s no guarantee. If you travel a lot and stop at stores in different cities or states, you’re likely to get a more varied selection, but that’s a LONG way to go for some Happy Meal toys…even if they are super cute.

Nemo, Snow White, Ariel, and Groot

We’ll continue to update you as we collect more, so stay tuned to DFB!

This McDonald’s Happy Meal debate had our whole team glued to the screen for WAY too long…

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