We’re Begging Disney World for This Monorail CHANGE

We’re big fans of the Monorails in Disney World, but just like lots of things at the resort, there are certain things we wish we could change.

Walt Disney World Monorail

We’ve talked before about how we wish there could be more than bus transportation between Animal Kingdom and the rest of the parks and hotels, but there’s a bigger grievance we hold with the Monorail. Adding one simple thing could make Disney life SO much easier for many guests.

If you’ve ever been on public transportation like buses, subways, or trains, you may notice the maps on the walls that show you the routes that the mode of transportation takes. Disney, however, does not have any of these, which can make traveling on the Monorail really difficult.


If you know the Monorail system well, you likely know where you’re going. But for first-time visitors or for those who speak English as a second language, a map would be very helpful to avoid guests getting on the wrong Monorail or missing their stop. We ride monorails nearly every day of th year, and it never fails that someone is on the Resort Monorail thinking it goes to EPCOT, or on the Expres Monorail thinking it will stop at the Grand Floridian or Contemporary Resort.

EPCOT Monorail

We all know that missing a monorail stop or being on the wrong one entirely and needing to take another trip around can be embarassing, frustrating, and take time out of your park day, and no one wants that. Maps likely wouldn’t be difficult to install in all the cars either, so Disney, this is our formal plea to add maps to the Monorail cars.

The Monorail

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