WARNING: The Disney World Skyliner Closes EARLY for Jollywood Nights!

Disney’s Jollywood Nights have begun!

Jollywood Nights!

It’s a night of glitz, glam, and festivities! We’re at the very first party night of this new event! And we’re ready to bring you all the live updates and the ins and outs of this party. And that includes your transportation to and from the park. And now we have some news that could potentially foil your plans, so be prepared for this!

As many of you may know, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is part of the Disney Skyliner network, which connects Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, along with several Disney World hotels.

Disney Skyliner

But on the nights of the Jollywood Nights event, you may want to be prepared for an alternate way to get back to your hotel. We noticed a sign as we were arriving at the park that could put a damper on your plans if you wanted to use the Skyliner to get back.

Keep this in mind!

That’s right, the Skyliner will only be operating until 9:30PM and a Cast Member confirmed that this will be the case for all the Jollywood Nights events. 

Don’t plan to use the Skyliner after a Jollywood Night!

So you WILL be able to take the Skyliner TO the party (as long as you’re planning to be there before 9:30PM), but if you’re leaving after 9:30PM, you’ll need a different way home. As an alternate, the buses WILL be open all night for your convenience. So instead of hopping in line for the Skyliner, you can head to the bus parking to catch the next bus back to your hotel.

Hollywood Studios Bus Stops

If you need help locating your bus, just ask one of the helpful Cast Members nearby. We hope you have a great time at Jollywood Nights!

In the meantime, check back to DFB for more Disney updates!

Be sure to catch everything from the first night of Jollywood Nights!


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