The World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland


I recently had the incredible opportunity to visit the brand new World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland. As a huge Disney and Frozen fan, I was thrilled to be one of the first to experience this highly-anticipated new land. Stepping into World of Frozen truly felt like walking right into the kingdom of Arendelle. Disney has brought the world of Frozen to life in an immersive and magical way.

World of Frozen Woods

The Overall Experience

From the moment you pass under the grand gates into World of Frozen, the theming completely transports you. The quaint village architecture with Norwegian influences makes you feel like you’re in the actual setting of the Frozen films. Details like the fountains, clocks, street lamps, and flora are beautifully crafted to be reminiscent of Arendelle. I found myself stopping frequently just to admire the theming elements.

The land is thoughtfully divided into two distinct areas – the village of Arendelle and the forest. This allows you to experience two different sides of Frozen’s world. The theming between the biomes is seamlessly connected with a bridge spanning a cascading waterfall. No matter where you look, there are stunning views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes. The environment blends perfectly with the natural beauty of Lantau Island.

Throughout the land, you’ll hear instrumental versions of songs from the Frozen soundtrack, which greatly enhances the immersion. Cast members even stay in character, referring to World of Frozen as the actual kingdom of Arendelle. The level of detail and storytelling is unparalleled. Disney has truly brought the fantasy world of Frozen to life.

Frozen Ever After Ride Signage

The Rides

World of Frozen features two brand-new rides, each uniquely tailored to the land. The marquee attraction is Frozen Ever After, a boat ride that takes you on a musical journey to Elsa’s Ice Palace. The animatronics and effects used throughout the ride are some of the most advanced I’ve ever seen. The characters feel so lifelike that you occasionally forget you’re on a ride. Gliding through scenes like Elsa’s icy blue forest and the trolls’ valley is mesmerizing.

The ride strikes the perfect balance between staying true to the classic version at Epcot while also feeling refreshed and new. The other ride is the family-friendly Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs. This adorable rollercoaster has sleds designed to look like Kristoff’s sled, pulled by reindeer. The theming in the queue line transports you to Oaken’s trading post, with great details like steam rising from Oaken’s sauna. The coaster itself is smooth and thrilling, with great views of the land as you zip through the forest. It’s the perfect ride for kids and adults.

Golden Crocus Inn

The Food

World of Frozen offers a tasty selection of food and drinks inspired by traditional Norwegian cuisine. The main quick-service restaurant is Golden Crocus Inn. Here you can enjoy dishes like the Bayside Seafood Medley, the Village Chicken Roll, and the Braised Lamb Shank. The theming inside the restaurant makes you feel like you’re dining in a cozy lodge.

For sweet treats, head to Northern Delights. This shop has an amazing array of Frozen-themed desserts like the Coronation Sundae, Olaf Cupcake, and more. You can even watch them make Candy Apple Snowballs in the kitchen. The theming is beautiful with displays of Scandinavian baked goods in the windows. If you need a quick snack, stop by Forest Fare for items like snowflake churros, cookies, and shaved ice. The theming of the cart makes it feel like a quaint food stop deep in the woods.

Tick Tock Toys Shop

The Shops

The main shop in World of Frozen is Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles. Stepping inside is like entering a wonderland of Frozen merchandise and theming. Some of my favorite items were the sweaters, wooden toys, and shoulder plush characters. You can only find this exclusive collection of merchandise in World of Frozen. There are also smaller gift shops spread throughout the land. At Traveling Traders, you’ll find items like keychains, plush toys, and apparel. The theming and unique location of each shop adds to the experience of shopping in Arendelle.

Oakens Sliding Sleighs Ride


World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland exceeded my already high expectations. Every inch of the land feels meticulously crafted to be true to the films while also telling new stories. The cast members, music, food, and theming work together seamlessly to immerse you in the world of Frozen. Riding the attractions and exploring the environment truly makes you feel like you’re right there with Anna, Elsa, and the gang. I cannot recommend World of Frozen enough to any Frozen fan or theme park enthusiast. Disney has created a new land that is truly magical.

View of Arrendale with Elsa
The World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland
The Final Word
World of Frozen is an extraordinary new addition that brings the fantastical world of Frozen to life in a truly magical way. With new rides, shops, and dining you’re sure to enjoy your visit!


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