REVIEW: We Tried 3 of Disney’s Dole Whip Flavors and Ranked Them From Worst to Best

Disney Springs is home to many of our favorite restaurants.

Christmas tree in Disney Springs

And now that it’s the holiday season, it’s also home to one of our favorite free activities — the Christmas Tree Stroll. But there are also plenty of special holiday offerings that you won’t want to miss, like the new Dole Whip Flight at Swirls on the Water!

Swirls on the Water is THE place to go for Dole Whip in Disney Springs, and this month’s new Dole Whip Flight will cost you $7.99. It comes with three flavorschocolate soft serve and salted caramel soft serve with caramel sauce and caramel crisp pearls, swirled pineapple and vanilla with a pineapple wedge, and cherry and pistachio soft serve with salted toasted pistachios and a maraschino cherry. Come along with us to rank them from worst to best!

Before you freak out, we’re gonna start by saying this was not bad at all; it was just the least exciting to us out of the three we tried. The vanilla and pineapple is a classic combo we’ve had many times before. We enjoyed it again this time around, but it wasn’t anything special in our book. If you’ve had pineapple Dole Whip before, there won’t be any surprises here. But hey — you can’t go wrong with the classics!

Vanilla and Pineapple

OK, now let’s talk about the cherry and pistachio-flavored soft-serve. Cherry and pistachio — those flavors work together SO well! Aesthetically, the dark red and green colors were fun and festive, but really, we’re here to talk about that sweet, fruity FLAVOR! This one had a fruit punch-like taste to it, which we enjoyed. The saltiness of the pistachio was kind of lost with all the sweetness of the cherry soft-serve, but this was still a great combination.

And now, the winner! We tried the chocolate and caramel swirl and LOVED it. It was our favorite of the three, and the flavor reminded us of Baileys Irish Cream liqueur. The salted caramel outshined the chocolate in this combo, but this was rich, decadent, and smooth — all the things you want in a caramel treat!

Chocolate and Salted Caramel

This flight may not contain the most groundbreaking trio of flavors we’ve ever seen, but sometimes, it’s nice to enjoy three sweet, simple treats on a hot Florida day. Swirls on the Water’s Dole Whip Flights are perfect for those who can’t quite commit to just one flavor or want to share with others! We’re always trying the latest treats in Disney Springs, so stay tuned to DFB for all the Disney news!

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