REVIEW: We Have One WARNING About Disney World’s NEW Spring Rolls

We cannot BEGIN to tell you how excited we are right now.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The first Jollywood Nights in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is here! This is a brand new holiday party in Disney World, and we’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to see all the entertainment (MUPPETS, y’all!) and eat ALL the food. So we’re heading over to Market to try some party-exclusive treats.

Let’s dive right in with the Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls for $6. Now, y’all know how much we love the spring rolls over in Magic Kingdom, so we’re going to compare these to that #sorrynotsorry. These here in Hollywood Studios are Fried spring rolls served with a jalapeño-ranch dipping sauce and fried rice noodles, so they’re already a little different.

Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls

Be prepared. These are ACTUALLY spicy. Like, our mouth was still burning a few minutes later. The chicken inside is in little chunks, and there’s a significant amount of spicy buffalo flavor. The ranch is nice as a side but doesn’t cool them down much, so you’re gonna need a drink to wash these spring rolls down. This was a great little snack if you want something with a kick. It’s not ridiculously hot, but it’s spicy in terms of Disney standards.

Prepare for some SPICE!

Next, we’re channeling our inner superhero with Frozone’s Snowball Macaroons for $4.49These are Coconut macaroons drizzled with blue vanilla frosting and topped with white snowflake sprinkles. So, do these make us want to grab our super suit?

Frozone’s Snowball Macaroons

These are strong on the coconut and nice and chewy. The chocolate on the bottom is sweet — it tastes more like milk chocolate than dark chocolate. These are decent compared to other macaroons we’ve had, but they’re not knock-your- socks-off good if you know what we mean. But hey — these are a sweet, inexpensive little dessert, and if you’re in the area, we say give ’em a try!

Now there are some other treats you can get at the Market, including a non-alcoholic Spiced Apple Cider made with Apple cider and cinnamon with an apple chip garnish. If you want something with more kick, you can get the Zero-Proof Apple Cider, made with Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit, apple cider, Angostura Bitters, and cinnamon topped with an apple chip and cinnamon rim.

We’ll be trying more goodies at Jollywood Nights and covering the whole party, so stay tuned to DFB for more.

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