Only Haunted Mansion EXPERTS Will Recognize This Secret New Magic Kingdom Addition

So where are our DFB readers who are obsessed with Disney World’s Haunted Mansion?

Haunted Mansion

We get it — we’ve been on Haunted Mansion NUMEROUS times, and each time, we notice something different about the ride. We’re also really excited — and curious — about the addition of Hatbox Ghost to the attraction, which should be coming soon. However, there’s already something NEW in the ride — and it is SUPER CREEPY but also really special.

Okay, so before we reveal this spooky addition, we need to give you a bit of background on the Haunted Mansion. When Disney Imagineers were working on new attractions in Disneyland, they had an interesting concept for a walkthrough attraction. 

Imagine if this were a walkthrough attraction

Disney Imagineers, including Marc Davis, Xavier Atencio, and Claude Coats, submitted ideas to Walt Disney for the project. However, after Rolly Crump showed Walt designs for his vision, which include things like voodoo artifacts, coffin clocks, talking chairs, man-eating plants, and more, Walt decided to create a “Museum of the Weird” that would be inside the Haunted Mansion’s entrance.

©Van Eaton Galleries

Part of the concept for the Museum of the Weird was a Candle Man that would melt in front of guests — Crump even created a spooky model of the character.

©Van Eaton Galleries

Now, we all know that the museum never happened, but the Candle Man is now a part of Disney World’s Haunted Mansion — although you might miss him if you blink. He’s pretty small, and we had to go on a few rides to finally get a photo, but he’s there, in all his terrifying glory.

He’s creepy

If you’d like to see the Candle Man for yourself, look for him in the attic scene on a table near the armor. You’ll have to look quickly because he’s hard to catch. But isn’t it cool how this piece of Disney history is now part of the Haunted Mansion? It’s like Crump’s Museum of the Weird idea has lived on (granted, some of those concepts did end up in the ride, too).

We’ll keep an eye out for more Disney news, so stay tuned to DFB for more.

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