NEVER Order These 4 Items at Disney World Restaurants

It comes as a surprise to literally no one that one of our favorite things to do at Disney World is EAT. 

We’re always down to EAT

We’re always down to grab a snack, drink, or meal at Disney World, but there are few things on the menu that we won’t order. Speaking of which, that’s what we’re here to talk about. The things we WON’T order at Disney World restaurants. If you’re planning a Disney vacation soon and are also in the throes of planning your meals, then this post can serve as a guide to what you shouldn’t order.

It goes without saying that if you want these items, GET THEM! There’s no harm in trying them, and hey — to each their own. These items just aren’t what we choose to spend our money on when dining at Disney’s table-service restaurants (usually because we can find better options!). Let’s go!


GASP. Nope, we don’t order dessert at Disney World restaurants, especially the Signature Restaurants. Why? They’re expensive, small, and don’t taste as good as we can get elsewhere. We usually head to the standalone dessert shops throughout Disney World instead. You get more bang for your buck, and, well, we’ll be honest here — some of those fancy desserts that make for gorgeous photos in the resturants look better than they taste.

Topolino’s Mousse Dessert

Instead, we like to head to Gideon’s Bakehouse, Gaston’s Tavern, and more stand alone bakeries and sweets shops!

Prix Fixe Menus

Prix Fixe menus are a Godsend for some, and a waste of money for others. If you KNOW that you are going to want a lot of food and that you can make it through course after course and get your money’s worth, then the Prix Fixe Menus could be great. 

California Grill’s Prix Fixe Menu

However, if you aren’t that hungry, don’t want a lot of food, and know you won’t be able to finish it, don’t waste your money. In some spots — like California Grill and Space 220 — choosing to dine in the restaurant’s lounge will score you the opportunity to order some favorite menu items a la carte instead of as part of the prix fixe meal.

Bottled Water and Frou-Frou Drinks

We don’t order bottled water at restaurants when we can get a cup or a glass of water for free! 

In this economy? No way!

Further, we try not to experiment and try a $20 specialty beverage that we know we might not like. It’s a waste of money for us in a lot of cases!

Sandwiches and Burgers We Know We Could Get At Home

Okay, every now and then, we find a GOOD sandwich and burger that’s unlike anything we’ve had before. However, those instances are rare. 

It’s a no from us

If it looks like a sandwich we could slap together with some produce and deli meat we got from Publix, we’re not spending our money on that at Disney World.

And there you have it! We hope this helps you make decisions as far as dining at Disney World goes, so make sure to follow along for more so that you never miss a thing.

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What’s one thing that YOU never order at Disney World? Let us know in the comments! 

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