Lots of Fans Hate These Disney Souvenirs, so Why Does Disney Keep Making Them?

A trip to Disney World means lots of gift shops, and more gift shops means that you’re more likely to buy a souvenir. The question is, what souvenirs do you avoid?

The Emporium!

We asked DFB readers what Disney trend they don’t understand at all over on Facebook, and we have to say… the responses were shocking. With over 900 responses to sort through, we found that there was one souvenir in particular that most people are not fans of… and now we have to talk about why.

When you’re at Walt Disney World, you look forward to all of the experiences you’re going to have. One universal experience that we feel does not get talked about enough is gift shop exits. You get off a ride, and the exit of the ride sends everyone right into a gift shop. Not every ride has this, but some of the classics like Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin sure do.

Plaza Del Sol Caribe Bazaar

I’m sure at this point you’re asking why we bring this up. Well, gift shop exits increase the chances of someone purchasing Disney merchandise. There is so much merch throughout Walt Disney World, and a lot of people have mixed opinions on it. However, there is one piece of merch in particular that seems to have a general consensus, and that is Spirit Jerseys.

Tons of characters!

In our Facebook post asking readers what they don’t understand about Disney, the most common answer was Spirit Jerseys. A lot of fans dislike these long sleeve shirts, and for seemingly good reasons.

100 Years of Wonder Spirit Jersey

To begin, they are EXPENSIVE. Each Spirit Jersey can range in price, but they are all pretty expensive. With prices that can be as high as $99.99, it is clear to see why people don’t like these souvenirs. In a response to our post, we think Diana sums it up pretty well by saying they are “$100 weirdly proportioned sweatshirts”. 

Holiday Pet Spirit Jersey

Aside from cost, a lot of people think they just don’t look good — whether it is the designs on them or the fit of them when they’re wearing them. A lot of responses included the fact that they felt like the spirit jerseys just look weird on them. On top of that, the design of each spirit jersey can be… a lot. From the wording going from one arm to the other, the busy-ness of some patterns, to the 80s puff paint style on some of them, we can totally see why these items are not popular with everyone.

Spirit Jerseys for runDisney

Disney just KEEPS making them, though. It seems like there is a new Spirit Jersey out for every occasion. Recently, they released a holiday collection of Spirit Jerseys. This collection has a few different designs that range in price from $79.99 to $99.99. But Disney doesn’t just make merch that won’t sell for fun, so despite many of our readers not liking them, it’s obvious that Spirit Jerseys sell well at Disney World!

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Spirit Jersey

We didn’t only get responses about spirit jerseys, though. We do have a few honorable mentions that didn’t get quite as much attention, but should (probably) be acknowledged. A lot of people commented and said they don’t understand sippers and popcorn buckets. People mentioned that they are bulky and don’t have much use outside of Disney, which we get (but we’ll still keep buying them).

Popcorn buckets

A final honorable mention is the Loungefly mini backpacks. We love Loungefly here at DFB, so this kind of hit us where it hurts, but they do have valid reasons. Anthony commented “I love the designs, but they look too small to take with you to the parks. And the price!”. We see you Anthony, and those reasons make a lot of sense. However, we will continue to stuff our Loungeflys to the brim because they are just TOO CUTE. 

Loungefly backpacks

Disney merch is not a one-size-fits-all situation. People have things they LOVE, and others have things that they hate, and that is okay! Whatever you prefer is perfect for you. Don’t forget to check back in with us at DFB for more merch updates for the holidays!

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