Disney Announces NEW Limited-Edition Collectibles at an EPCOT Restaurant

EPCOT is home to over 60 dining options.


You can dine in one of the 11 World Showcase pavilions or grab a quick snack at a kiosk. Dining packages are available for shows or you can dine with beloved characters. It can probably be said that there is something for almost anyone in this Disney World park. If you’re looking to dine in outer space, that is even an option (with some imagination from Disney Imagineers). And now, you can get very special limited-edition collectibles while you’re dining 220 miles above Earth.

Space 220 is a restaurant that you enter in EPCOT and then find your table in orbit 220 miles above Earth. Now, the out-of-this-world dining location has announced the release of brand new limited-edition culinary-inspired cards. The cards “celebrate food and beverage innovation with artful illustrations paired with insightful space trivia.”

Space 220

While these are cool because they are a limited-edition collectible, what makes them even more special is that they are hand delivered by the restaurant’s Executive Chef Marc Kusche during his daily table visits. These souvenirs cannot be purchased; receiving one from the chef is the ONLY way to receive one. We’ve seen cards handed out here before, but these are an all-new series!


Individuals dining at Space 220 will be randomly selected to receive a card from the chef. This will be a limited-run series with this set of cards being the first in a multiple release of the series that will be handed out over the next year. Each set will include new artwork and trivia.


Patina Restaurant Group Marketing Director, Kyle Collins stated, “The culinary cards have been developed as another surprise and delight to further enhance the guest experience at Space 220 at Epcot. From exemplary service and chef-led menus to bold flavors, inventive beverages, and stunning interior design, a visit to any of Patina Restaurant Group’s venues should be a fully immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression. Acting as a symbol of our team’s gratitude for our guests choosing to dine with us, these cards are hand-selected gifts by Executive Chef Marc exclusively made for Space 220 Restaurant. We take pride in the exceptional level of detail and care that has gone into creating these cards as we know they are worthy of our Disney guests.”

Let’s go to Space 220!

If you’re planning to eat at Space 220 over the next year, keep your eyes out for Executive Chef Marc Kusche and you may get a special surprise!

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