Before You Go to Sleep in Disney World, Do These 5 Things

All set for your next Disney World trip?

Cinderella Castle

With the new year, there are a TON of things coming to Disney World — new rides, restaurants, and more! We’re beyond stoked for all that’s new and we bet you are too! That’s why we want to help make sure you’re making the absolute most of your trip. There are a couple of things you should do before you go to sleep in Disney World!

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There are things to do before going to sleep in Disney World? Yes, let’s go over it.

Check Your Schedule

Let’s chat about the first thing you should do. You should start by reviewing your plans for the upcoming day.


What rides are you planning on riding? Are there any can’t-miss shows? Oh, and those dining reservations you were able to book — double-check those.


This quick check-in will help your day unfold like a well-scripted fairy tale. You’ll find that you won’t miss out on your favorites, and your stroll through the park will be as stress-free as possible.

Charge Up Your Devices

There’s no way around it. You’re going to be on your phone all day. This is because the My Disney Experience app is your lifeline while at Disney World, and it will drain your phone’s power!

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Make sure before you hit the hay that you charge up your phone and any power banks you brought with you. It will truly make a difference. You’ll be ready to capture every “magical” moment without worrying about a dead battery.

Gather Your Essentials

Practicality is key my friend! You have to think about the essentials.

Here it all is!

Remember that not only is the Florida weather unpredictable, but the Florida sun is no joke! Make sure you’re tossing sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, umbrellas, ponchos, and extra socks into your pack. This way you’ll be ready for anything, rain or shine.

Check the Weather Forecast

I know we just brought up the Florida weather, but it bears repeating. It’s as unpredictable as a plot twist in a Disney movie. So, it’s your job to be a weather detective and avoid any fashion faux pas.

Stormy weather in Disney World

As long as you know if the sun will be blazing or there’s a chance of a sudden shower, you’ll be able to plan out your outfits properly. We would all love to wear those super cute heels, but they may not be the best if it rains.

Set Your Alarms

If you’re looking to get into those virtual queues, you’re going to need to set your alarms because you’ll have to wake up early to book them. And we mean early!

Virtual Queue

Those virtual queues are like your golden ticket. Set an alarm, be an early bird, and snag your spot. And, don’t forget about those last-minute dining reservations! You’ll find that a well-timed alarm ensures you get the most out of your Disney adventure.


We hope you’re ready for your trip because it will be here before you know it. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back to DFB for more Disney updates.

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