Why We Pay $114 to See Trash in Disney World

Among all the exclusive experiences in Disney World, guided tours are a fan-favorite. 

Disney World

Yes, you can participate in a wide variety of both group and private tours led by Disney’s Tour Guide Cast Members. While you can tour each of the Disney Parks, there’s a special tour that you can do in Magic Kingdom — Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour! 

The Keys to the Kingdom Tour is $114 per person and allows participants to gain an entirely new perspective of Magic Kingdom. Not only will the tour take you on an in-depth tour through the park where you’ll learn about each of the attractions and special park details in depth. You’ll get to learn a lot about Walt Disney himself as well as his original vision for a few of the attractions, but that’s not even close to the best part. 

You’ll learn about some of Walt Disney’s original attractions!

The best part, you ask? Well, you’ll get to take a tour of what some people think is just an urban legend: the Magic Kingdom Utilidors! The Utilidors are the tunnels that run underneath Magic Kingdom and allow vehicles, Cast Members, and even TRASH to travel through the park unseen by guests.

“it’s a small world”

We’ve been in the Utilidors, and believe us when we say that these tunnels are BUZZING with activity. Yes, there’s trash. Yes, it smells less than magical. However, everything else is so cool that we didn’t even care. You’ll see Cinderella walking around with a cheeseburger that she just grabbed from the Mouseketeeria. You’ll see a seemingly endless supply of bubble wands and light-up toys in what some Cast Members call the “Glow Cage.” You’ll see vehicles, Cast Members walking to work in-costume, and you’ll get to learn all about all the things that take place underneath Magic Kingdom while guests walk unsuspectingly overhead.

Jungle Cruise

It’s awesome, y’all. We’d do this tour again and again. It could be a great gift for a Disney fan, or even just a great way to experience Magic Kingdom in a different way.

Cinderella Castle

We’ll continue to keep you all updated with more Disney news and advice, so make sure to follow along for more so that you never miss a thing.

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