There Are 97 Stores in Disney Springs. Here Are the 9 That Everybody Loves.

Disney Springs is a great hang-out spot!

Fall into Magic in Disney Springs

Disney Springs can be a great place to shop, eat, or just take a stroll. It offers many top-tier restaurants, some attractions, and prime shopping locations. Disney Springs is a great spot to relax from the parks. You can spend a day there in the middle or at end of your vacation for some downtime from the parks.

There are some amazing snacks in Disney Springs!

Did you know there are 97 different shopping locations in Disney Springs?! That is a crazy number of spots to get some great merchandise! Today, we’re narrowing down the 97 to 9 of our favorite locations to shop inside Disney Springs.

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Shopping in Disney Springs can be a great way to get away from the craziness of the parks and the crowds of people. We love all the options they offer in the Springs. Even if these next few stores aren’t your cup of tea, we’re sure there is something there for everyone!

The Art of Disney

In Disney Springs, in the Marketplace area, you’ll find a little store called The Art of Disney. 


At this shop, you can find classic artwork and other collectibles featuring characters, park features, or Disney movie classics. It’s set up in a gallery fashion for you to admire all the options and pick what’s best for your home.

Disney Style

Disney Style is another Disney store located in Disney Springs. You’ll find it at the West Side section of Disney Springs.

Disney Style

They sell trendy items for Disney lovers. It is a fashion boutique that is sure to have all the wardrobe and accessory items you’ll want. The merchandise is themed for favorite park attractions and characters in some over-the-top ways!

LEGO Store

The LEGO store in Disney Springs is HUGE! It’s every Lego lover’s dream.

LEGO Store at Disney Springs

You can buy kits, individual blocks, LEGO-themed merchandise, and much more here. Of course, there are Disney-themed kits, but you can find others too like Star Wars and Marvel.

Marketplace Co-op

The Marketplace Co-op is a hidden gem in Disney Springs. It’s on the far end of Marketplace, so maybe not many people make down that far. But it’s a really cool spot with multiple shops.

Marketplace Co-Op

Inside this co-op, you’ll find multiple shops that are more like permanent kiosks. The D-Tech, Disney Tails, Disney Centerpiece, and more. We have recently seen Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post here, so you never know what you’ll find inside!

World of Disney

No trip to Disney Springs is complete without stopping by World of Disney.

World of Disney

If you ran out of time for shopping in the parks or there was that one thing you forgot to get while you were in EPCOT, look no further than World of Disney. This massive store has nearly every piece of Disney merchandise you could want including park exclusives. It’s shopDisney in a physical store.

Star Wars Trading Post

For all the Star Wars fans out there, this one’s for you. This is located near Marketplace Co-op.

‘Star Wars’ Trading Post

If World of Disney is the superstore of Disney, this is essentially that but for Star Wars. You can find so many of your favorite Star Wars items in this store, it’s awesome! If you love Star Wars, we recommend stopping here! There’s also a Star Wars Galactic Outpost located on the West Side.


Trend-D is connected to Marketplace Co-op (but not technically part of it). It’s for all the Disney fashionistas!


This boutique-style shop is really adorable. It’s not just loud, in-your-face Disney merchandise, but instead tasteful, trendy (see what we did there) clothing and accessories. They have whimsical, retro, and athleisure items. And of course a wall full of ears!

Super Hero Headquarters

We have a shop for all things Disney and Star Wars so of course there’s one for all things Marvel!

Superhero Headquarters

Over in the West Side, you can get all the things to be your own superhero! Marvel has a shop complete with all the superhero merchandise. If you have a favorite superhero, you’ll probably be sure to find a cool item to add to your collection.


Pandora is a beautiful and well-crafted jewelry store.

Disney Springs Pandora Store

This is the least “Disney” store on this list, but don’t worry you can get all the shining and shimmering Disney items here, too. Pandora has partnered with Disney and has a signature Disney line. They even have an exclusive Disney Parks collection. In the Disney Springs store, you’ll have access to many Disney charms that will add nicely to your Pandora bracelet.

Welcome to Disney Springs

It was difficult, but we were able to narrow down 97 stores to just 9 of our favorites. There is really an option for everyone down in Disney Springs! We hope you’re able to find some fun places to shop on your Disney vacation.

In the meantime, remember to check back to Disney Food Blog for more Disney merchandise updates!

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