REVIEW: If This Hollywood Studios Treat Is Only Around for a Month, Then We Want It 31 Times

From September 15th to October 15th, we plan on taking full advantage of all the Hispanic cuisine that makes its way into the parks for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Mirabel!

From Prickly Pear Margaritas to Coco-inspired desserts, there are all sorts of opportunities around Disney World to snack and sip on some flavors inspired by Hispanic heritage. Today, we’re going to be trying a Hispanic Heritage Month dessert that you’ll be able to find at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, over at Epic Eats. This dessert combines a few of our favorite things, so we can’t WAIT to review it. ¡Vaminos! 

The Mango-Chamoy Funnel Cake is available for $8.49 at Epic Eats throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. This treat combines the beloved Mango DOLE Whip with chamoy-mango purée and chili-lime seasoning served on a funnel cake.


When we first grabbed the treat, our first impression was the same reaction we have every time we’re handed one of the whopping Disney World funnel cakes. They’re HUMONGOUS and slightly overwhelming if you’re indulging alone. Like, seriously, you probably wanna share one of these bad boys. (If you don’t want to share, we won’t judge. We’ll actually applaud you, because that’s really impressive.) On a different note, the DOLE Whip looked delicious as always and we couldn’t wait to try it on the funnel cake.

Mango-Chamoy Funnel Cake

So, on to the taste. There are some combinations that just WORK together. Peanut butter and jelly. Ketchup and mustard. Bacon and eggs. MANGO AND CHILI SEASONING. Y’all, this combination is delicious. The DOLE Whip held together despite the heat and had such a refreshing flavor. The chili-lime seasoning was subtle but just added some extra oomph to the dish.


The funnel cake itself was nice and crispy — perfectly cooked. Like all your southern-hometown-parking-lot-fair-dreams came true. Light. Fluffy. Subtle crunch on the outside. Yep, it was perfect. With the mango-chamoy puree? Mwah. So good.

So good.

The ONLY complaint we have about this is that we wish there was more of the puree slathered onto the funnel cake. It really enhances the flavor of each aspect of the dish, as well as provides a bit more of that refreshing mango flavor we like. Come on, Disney. Don’t be stingy with the puree!


So, is this funnel cake worth your time and moolah? Yes. Absolutely. Especially if you’re looking for something that’s refreshing and sharable. Disney is no stranger to elevating such a classic theme park treat, and this situation is no different. If you love mango, DOLE Whip, and funnel cakes, this treat will award you a full belly and a satisfied sweet tooth. However, if you’re dining solo or don’t like mango, you might wanna keep on walking.

One more photo because she’s so pretty.

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