REVIEW: Eleven’s Waffle Sundae and Upside Down Milkshake From Scoops Ahoy at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Hollywood

Scoops Ahoy has arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood, taking over the Studio Scoop ice cream kiosk on the Lower Lot. Fans of “Stranger Things” will recognize Scoops Ahoy from the Netflix series. In addition to the ice cream and shakes you can find at this location, two specialty items have been added for the Halloween season. Eleven’s Waffle Sundae and the Upside Down Milkshake are both available all day, so you can beat the heat with some ice cream!

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“Ocean of Flavors” and other Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor signage is up over all the Studio Scoop location. White and blue striped paneling has also been added to the building. Each window has its own porthole and a number. It’s cute to see this normal location at the park get a few themed touches to become Scoops Ahoy temporarily.

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The two “Stranger Things”-inspired exclusive treats are Eleven’s Waffle Sundae and the Upside Down World Milkshake.

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Studio Scoop also has simpler ice cream treats and milkshakes.

Eleven’s Waffle Sundae – $11

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This sundae has strawberry syrup, Reese’s Pieces, M&Ms, jelly beans, chocolate chips, and a small waffle atop vanilla ice cream in a waffle bowl. It takes a great photo, if you can snap one before the sun starts to melt it.

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The soft serve ice cream is piled high inside a waffle sundae bowl. As the ice cream melts, it stays inside the waffle bowl, making it easier to eat. The chocolate flavor seemed to be the strongest, with M&M’s and chocolate chips in each bite. There are also Reese’s Pieces, but we didn’t taste any peanut butter. The jelly beans are the most interesting topping on this sundae. When you first bite the jelly beans, they’re very hard from the cold ice cream. As you get through the tough exterior, the inside becomes even more chewy and delicious. The ice cream with the jelly beans was our favorite part.

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The strawberry is very light, as it is mixed in with the vanilla. The vanilla flavor is strongest, but the ice cream is more like strawberries and cream. Even if you don’t like strawberry, this is worth giving a try.

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You really can’t have an Eleven treat without a waffle. A tiny little waffle tops off Eleven’s Waffle Sundae to complete the look. They’re soft and perfect for scooping up some ice cream.

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The waffle bowl stays crispy and holds the ice cream as it melts. This sundae is simple, but delicious, and we would order it again.

Upside Down World Milkshake – $11

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The milkshake includes chocolate syrup, strawberry jam, chocolate whipped cream, Oreo cookies, and chocolate churros on top. Be prepared for a chocolate overload. This is intense.

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Thick layers of chocolate syrup can be seen along the sides and bottom of the shake. Chocolate shake is topped with chocolate whipped cream, Oreo pieces, and chocolate churros for an absolutely chocolate explosion. There was no strawberry jam, so this was just completely chocolate throughout. There’s even chocolate whipped cream on top, so there’s no escape from the chocolate flavor.

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The Oreo churros on top weren’t very fresh, but they still tasted okay.

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If you love chocolate, the Upside Down World Milkshake is perfect for you. For us, we couldn’t handle more than a few sips, so we wouldn’t order this again.

These “Stranger Things” themed items are available for a limited time, so be sure to give them a try if you’re visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. And be sure to check out the Stranger Thing 4 haunted house during Halloween Horror Nights.

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