OK Disney — These Might Be the Most Beautiful Race Medals EVER!

Runners and Disneyland fans alike have been CELEBRATING the return of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. 

Sleeping Beauty Castle

This magical runDisney event will make its comeback from January 11th through the 14th, 2024 — for the first time since 2017. Yep, that’s a SEVEN-YEAR HIATUS. So, it’s safe to say that runDisney fanatics are pretty pumped right now. Us? Well, we’re happy for everyone who got a spot in the Half Marathon Weekend, but we have a serious case of the green-eyed monster. Why? Well, Disney just revealed the medals for the race weekend, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more jealous in my life than I am of the runners who will snag this Disneyland-themed hardware. Let’s check out some medals!

The 2024 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend consists of a yoga event, a 5K (3.1 miles), a 10K (6.2 miles), a Half Marathon (13.1 miles), and a race challenge in which you can earn a special prize for participating in both the 10K and Half Marathon races and finishing on-pace, which is a 16-minute mile average pace for runDisney races.


The theming for the 2024 Half Marathon Weekend, which takes place throughout the Anaheim Resort District, is nostalgic, classic, mid-century DISNEY. ✨  The medals reflect the theming, and they are each absolutely stunning.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

First up, let’s start with the 5K medal! When we think of midcentury California, we think that the 5K medal embodies that PERFECTLY. The palm trees, the “2024” that looks like vintage signage — it’s beautiful. Oh, and did we mention that Pluto is the mascot for this race?


Next up, we have the 10K medal, which features the mascots Donald and Daisy! This medal features the glitz and glimmer of a magical fireworks show illuminating Sleeping Beauty Castle. Look at Donald and Daisy in their vintage workout gear.


Next, we have the Half Marathon Medal, which is our second favorite medal out of the lineup. This one features Mickey and Minnie as they sprint to the finish line with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background. The medal itself is in the shape of the Disneyland logo, which is extra special. Also — THESE COLORS. 😍


Last but not least is the challenge medal, which is our FAVORITE of them all. The Dumbo Double Dare Challenge Medal is available to those who maintain a 16-minute mile and finish both the 10K and Half Marathon. The medal features a very adorable Dumbo waving a Disneyland pennant. The colors, the circus font, the image of Dumbo — it’s all too much. We cannot handle how cute this medal is.


Well, there you have it! Unfortunately, these races are sold out — hence our jealousy, because we didn’t register. However, there are still spots available for the virtual races, which you can sign up for on runDisney’s website. And YES, you will get the SAME medals!

We’ll continue to keep you updated with more Disney news, so make sure to follow along for more so that you’re always in the loop.

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