New Figment Headphone Holder, Ornament, & Phone Cases Available at EPCOT

He’s always with you in your brain (and heart), but now you can take him on the go, as a number of new Figment phone cases have recently debuted at Walt Disney World Resort. The phone cases have been released alongside a new headphone holder and an ornament that depicts the beloved purple dragon. We found all of this merchandise at EPCOT.

Figment Pondering Phone Case – $34.99

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 1

This phone case is designed for use with both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. The back of the case is a deep purple color and features a thick black rubber outline around the exterior and camera hole. The holder also features a 3-D effect, as the Figment logo on the back is slightly raised from the rest of the case.

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 2

The logo itself features the rambunctious dragon thinking up an undoubtedly great idea, this indicated by the yellow lightbulb present above his head. He’s sitting in the middle of a yellow gear, and orange and purple gears are also seen above him. While the phone case is new, this logo isn’t; it’s been on several pieces of merchandise before, such as on the back of this Figment Loungefly backpack released last month.

We found this phone case at Creations Shop in the World Celebration neighborhood of EPCOT.

Figment Ornament – $19.99

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 3

The ornament is a tangible version of the logo printed on the back of the aforementioned phone case. A ribbon tied through a hole cut at the top of the ornament allows you to hang it from your holiday tree or any device you’d like. We found this item at Pin Traders – Camera Center in the World Celebration section of EPCOT.

Figment Headphone Case – $19.99

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 4

This headphone case, designed for Apple AirPods, features a full-bodied Figment flying through a deep purple night sky. A silhouette of Cinderella Castle seen in the background suggests that he’s flown to the Magic Kingdom. Tinker Bell appears above the castle, with golden stars filling the rest of the negative space.

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 5

“Let Your Imagination Fly” is written in yellow and orange text at the bottom of the case. A bright purple material surrounds the exterior, and a black clip is attached to its top. This item was also found at Pin Traders.

Figment ‘Let Your Imagination Fly’ Phone Case – $34.99

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 8

This phone case (meant for an iPhone 14 pro) combines elements from the aforementioned phone holder and above headphone case; it features the same base color and black protective exterior as the first case and copies design elements from the AirPods holder. A full-bodied Figment is again seen flying through the night sky, this time in front of a more detailed depiction of Cinderella Castle. Tinker Bell again appears at the top of the castle, and light purple fireworks join stars in the negative space.

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 9

This case also features text that reads “Let Your Imagination Fly!” and a 3-D effect. We found it at Pin Traders.

Figment Imagination Phone Case – $34.99

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 6

This phone case has the same general structure as the previous two and is only meant for use with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Its base purple color is a slightly lighter tone and features Figment imagery printed throughout it. Some of the iconography references the Journey into Imagination attraction (such as Figment donning an astronaut helmet).

New Figment Merch EPCOT 2023 7

Like all of the other cases, this holder features a 3-D effect. It’s available at Pin Traders.


WDW EPCOT Figment meet and greet

There’s always a Figment frenzy occurring at EPCOT, but the character has enjoyed an extended stay in the spotlight recently. A Figment meet and greet debuted inside the Imagination! Pavilion at EPCOT earlier this month, prompting initial wait times of up to five hours.

Figment debuted alongside Dreamfinder in 1983 as part of Journey into Imagination, an attraction that opened a few months after EPCOT Center’s opening. The ride demonstrated the beauty, power, and wonder of imagination to guests and was well-received, allowing Figment and Dreamfinder to become pseudo-mascots of the park.

The dragon has evolved into a character emblematic of Walt Disney World Resort and has appeared on merchandise,  in inspired desserts, and even in video games.

Will you be picking up any of the new Figment merchandise at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments.

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