New Disney Decades Collection 90s Throwback Revealed

As part of the year-long Disney100 celebration, you might have noticed a little thing called the Disney Decades Collection. Each month, Disney have been releasing five items from each decade in a countdown (or up, of sorts) to present day Disney releases. Last month we gave you a first look at the Goofy Movie-themed Loungefly that was appearing to be included in the collection, and now, you can see the other four items! The 90s is here, again, represented by A Bugs Life, A Goofy Movie, Beauty & The Beast, and Darkwing Duck.

A Goofy Movie Loungefly Mini Backpack – Disney100, $88

Darkwing Duck Plush – Disney100 – Medium 15”, $29.99

A Bug’s Life MagicBand+ – Disney100 – Limited Edition, $64.99

The Disney Afternoon Pin – Disney100 – Limited Release, $34.99

Beauty and the Beast Light-Up Ear Headband for Adults – Disney100, $39.99

Can you smell the nostalgia in the air? Which items are your favorite of this 90s bunch? Does it take you back to wearing fluro colors, spandex, or roller skates? I am so glad they included the Disney afternoon shows! I was a Tail Spin girl through and through.

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