New Beaker, Mickey Glove, Three Caballeros Mugs and More Drinkware in Disneyland Resort

Meep! Several new mugs and bottles have arrived at Disneyland Resort in the past few weeks, including a Beaker mug, Mickey glove mug, and two “Mickey’s Garden” bottles. We found most of these in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District. All of the mugs are stoneware and (unless otherwise noted) safe for microwaves and dishwashers.

Beaker Mug – $24.99

dl2023 mugs 9672

The Beaker mug resembles the Muppet’s head, complete with a bulbous yellow nose and orange hair standing straight up.

dl2023 mugs 9674

It’s stoneware and 482 mL / 17 oz.

dl2023 mugs 9673
dl2023 mugs 9675

“Meep” is on the back of Beaker’s head in red lettering.

Disneyland Snacks Mug – $19.99

dl2023 mugs 9682

This mug is white with a blue handle. It’s 539 mL / 19 oz.

dl2023 mugs 9679

On both sides is a list of Disney Parks treats in various fonts and colors:

  • Churros
  • Candy Apples
  • LeFou’s Brew
  • Mickey Pretzel
  • Popcorn
  • Turkey Leg
  • Mickey Waffles
  • Citrus Swirl
  • The Grey Stuff
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dl2023 mugs 9680

Three Caballeros Mug – $19.99

dl2023 mugs 9688

This mug is red with yellow trim and a black stripe near the bottom. It has a green handle. The Three Caballeros are pictured raising their sombreros.

dl2023 mugs 9689
dl2023 mugs 9691

On the other side is the text from the poster for “The Three Caballeros” film:

Walt Disney’s miracle musical FEATURE

The Three Caballeros



José Carioca

Donald Duck

dl2023 mugs 9690

It’s 312 mL / 11 oz.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mug – $19.99

dl2023 mugs 9700

This black mug has a bone-shaped handle.

dl2023 mugs 9699

Jack Skellington and his dog Zero are pictured at one end of the overlapping design.

dl2023 mugs 9698

Also pictured is the two-faced mayor, Doctor Finkelstein, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

dl2023 mugs 9701

There is text reading “Looking For Trouble,” “Two Faces Are Better Than One,” “Mad Scientist,” and “Jack.”

dl2023 mugs 9697

The dishwasher / microwave safety symbols and mL / oz amount were covered by the price sticker.

Mickey Glove Mug – $24.99

dl2023 mugs 0003

This mug resembles Mickey’s white glove, with three black lines on the side. It appears as though Mickey’s hand is in a fist around his own drink.

dl2023 mugs 0004

It has a black handle where Mickey’s wrist would be.

dl2023 mugs 0005

The mug is 568 mL / 20 oz.

dl2023 mugs 0006

“Mickey’s Garden” Bottle – $39.99

dl2023 mugs 0680

“Mickey’s Garden” is a 1935 short film. It was the second “Mickey Mouse” cartoon shot in Technicolor, after “The Band Concert,” and marked the first color appearance of Pluto. In the short, Mickey is trying to get rid of bugs in his garden.

dl2023 mugs 0679

The bottle is yellow with images of Mickey enjoying his flowers while caterpillars, snails, and worms hide.

dl2023 mugs 0681

This is 32 fl oz / 946 mL and is not dishwasher-safe.

“Mickey’s Garden” Tumbler – $19.99

dl2023 mugs 0010

This tumbler is a dark teal color with “Follow the Vibe” above an image of Mickey whistling while a caterpillar follows him.

dl2023 mugs 0009

The dishwasher / microwave safety symbols and mL / oz amount were covered by the price sticker.

Yellow Sleeping Beauty Castle Mug – $16.99

dl2023 mugs 0723

This mug is yellow and gray. It depicts Sleeping Beauty Castle with a sunny, striped sky behind it.

dl2023 mugs 0724

Other symbols include a retro boombox, Mickey balloon, firework, Minnie caramel apple, and Mickey ear hat.

dl2023 mugs 0725
dl2023 mugs 0726

It’s 397 mL / 14 oz.

Flower Mug – $19.99

dl2023 mugs 0730

Lastly, this white mug features orange flowers. The small handle is shaped like half a flower.

dl2023 mugs 0728

Peeking over the flowers is Flower from “Bambi.”

dl2023 mugs 0729
dl2023 mugs 0732
dl2023 mugs 0731

It’s 284 mL / 10 oz and is not dishwasher- or microwave-safe.

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