PHOTOS: Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Illuminates the Night at Universal Studios Hollywood

We recently stopped into Universal Studios Hollywood to catch the Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle projection show. Come take a look, if you dare.

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle

dark arts at Hogwarts castle

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle is running on select nights from March to August, from dusk to park close.

You can catch it on the following nights:

  • March 25 – April 16
  • May 27 – 29
  • June 17 – August 13

You can watch the full show above courtesy of our YouTube channel.

dark arts hogwarts USH 5

Universal describes the nighttime spectacular as, “As darkness falls at Hogwarts™ castle, Dementors™, Death Eaters™ and other unspeakable creatures cloak the stone walls with sinister images from the darker side of magic. Experience the fire-engulfed army of Inferi, the soul-draining breath of Dementors™ and the haunting image of Lord Voldemort™ as you stare in awe at the castle’s takeover. This powerful spectacle is accompanied by an atmospheric musical score created by John Williams.”

As you can see in the photo above, images of Borgin and Burkes. This is a shop in the mysterious Knockturn Alley. It specializes in Dark items and artifacts.

dark arts hogwarts USH 7
dark arts hogwarts USH 9
dark arts hogwarts USH 11
dark arts hogwarts USH 16

Projections of flames encapsulate the Castle.

dark arts hogwarts USH 19

Spooky images of Death Eaters are casted upon the Castle as well.

dark arts hogwarts USH 21

Lord Voldemorts face appears on one of the towering spires on the Castle before vanishing into a cloud of smoke.

dark arts hogwarts USH 22
dark arts hogwarts USH 25

Just then, we see an image projected onto the Castle unlike the other evil ones before it. We see Professor Snape’s Patronus — the doe.

dark arts hogwarts USH 26

An image of the doe Patronus is then protected into the sky using drones for the grand finale. While both Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood both feature Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle, only Universal Studios Hollywood has the Patronus drone finale.

dark arts hogwarts USH 27

An ominous green color lights up the Castle once more.

dark arts hogwarts USH 29
dark arts hogwarts USH 30

What do you think of Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle? Let us know in the comments.

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