Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary ‘Dream-Go-Round’ Entertainment, Food, Decor, & More Revealed

We’re just three months away from Tokyo Disney Resort kicking off their 40th Anniversary “Dream-Go-Round” celebration! And today the Oriental Land Company revealed a slew of new details about the exciting celebration!



Main Street of World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland will welcome guests with multiple layers of colorful “Dream Garlands.” The beautiful presence of the “Dream Garland,” which will be displayed throughout Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, will emphasize the connection between each area of the Parks.


The “Dream Garland” is a special decoration and symbol embodying the 40th anniversary theme, which will be found across the Parks. It represents the notion that guests, cast members and Disney friends are connected, like pieces of garland, and will celebrate the 40th anniversary together in grand fashion.


Cinderella Castle, which has welcomed guests as the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland for 40 years, will be decorated with the commemorative number “40.” After dark, guests can enjoy seeing the banners around the castle glow — as if sprinkled by pixie dust


Additionally, the entrance to Passaggio MiraCosta at Tokyo DisneySea and the pedestrian deck leading to Tokyo Disneyland will be adorned with festive decorations to celebrate the 40th anniversary.



Tokyo Disneyland is launching a brand-new daytime parade, “Disney Harmony in Color.” Themed to a “harmonious world of colors,” the parade showcases themes of adventure, courage, family bonds and friendship through various stories from Disney and Pixar films. The finale features a magnificent float that will take guests on a journey to a harmonious world of vibrant colors that is filled with dreams. Mickey Mouse and many other well-known Disney friends, including characters from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Zootopia and Pixar’s Coco, will also make an appearance.

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The festive atmosphere of the 40th anniversary at Tokyo Disney Resort adds to the excitement of “Club Mouse Beat,” where Mickey Mouse and his friends give dynamic performances set to hip-hop, Latin, pops, and other musical styles. In the show’s finale, the 40th anniversary theme song plays as Mickey Mouse and the Disney friends appear in their 40th anniversary fashions, further livening up the festive mood.

During the anniversary event period, a special version of “Tokyo Disneyland Band,” which welcomes guests with familiar Disney tunes such as “Mickey Mouse March,” will appear at World Bazaar, the entrance and around the Plaza Terrace.

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Tokyo DisneySea will present the special Tokyo Disney Resort 40th anniversary Harbor Greeting, “Let’s Celebrate with Colors,” at Mediterranean Harbor, where Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends appear in colorful outfits while the Tokyo Disney Resort 40th anniversary theme song plays.

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In “Sky Full of Colors,” colorful fireworks light up the night sky to the 40th anniversary theme song and a variety of Disney songs, giving guests spectacular, dream-filled moments to enjoy.


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Exclusive merchandise items will be available at both Parks from April 10, including heartwarming designs depicting dreams filling the Parks as Mickey Mouse and his friends connect with each other through Tinker Bell’s sprinkled pixie dust. Stylish items featuring Cinderella Castle will also be available in vivid colors.


Additionally, the “Dream Garland” will be offered, allowing guests to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the 40th anniversary both at the Parks and at home. Guests can choose their favorite color and wear it around the Parks as an accessory with their family or friends, or decorate their homes by connecting multiple garland pieces. Guests will be able to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the 40th anniversary both at the Parks and at home. Furthermore, bag charms will also be available to add a touch of glamor to the “Dream Garland.” Guests can customize it however they like and attach it to their bag.



These menus will be available at Blue Bayou, Ice Cream Cones, and other restaurants that have been around since the Grand Opening of Tokyo Disneyland. Blue Bayou will adapt popular dishes from the past and incorporate them into a special menu offering. The popular “Pork Fillet with Mushroom Cream Sauce” that was previously served at the restaurant will be reimagined and combined with the classic roast beef to form the main dish, along with colorful appetizers Additionally, Ice Cream Cones will offer a special sundae featuring soft-serve ice cream, berry sauce, peach sauce and cheese cream, topped with marzipan featuring the 40th anniversary logo. The delicious combination of cheese cream and fruity sauces makes the sundae all the more refreshing.


At Horizon Bay Restaurant in Port Discovery, menu items inspired by the Aquatopia attraction will be offered. The “Meat Patty with Yuzu Pepper Cream Sauce, Aquatopia Style” features a meat patty resembling the vehicles from the attraction and the yuzu pepper cream sauce, consisting of seaweed-inspired ingredients, represents the surface of the water. Furthermore, coral reefs provide the inspiration for the dessert included in the Special Set. It consists of blue jelly that represents the sea, passion fruit mousse with orange as a fish, and is topped with coral-shaped chocolate.

Cast Member Name Tags


Cast members will wear name tags with 40th Anniversary designs and “Dream Garlands” in various colors as name tag accessories. Even more color will be added to the celebration with “Dream- Go-Round Time!,” in which cast members and guests celebrate the 40th anniversary with the theme song in various areas of the Parks. Additionally, cast members will hand out “Dream Garland Stickers” to guests who would like one. Cast members and guests alike will be able to connect by wearing a “Dream Garland” piece or “Dream Garland Sticker” and celebrate this special year together.

Disney Hotels


Disney Hotels will welcome guests with a variety of exciting programs, allowing them to maximize and enjoy their time at Tokyo Disney Resort during the 40th anniversary. The entrances and lobbies at four Disney Hotels — Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel, Disney Ambassador® Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta® and Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel® — will be decorated in honor of the 40th anniversary and guests staying at these hotels will receive specially designed postcards. Additionally, from April 15 to July 20, rooms at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will feature curtains and bed throws with 40th anniversary motifs. Over at Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, rooms with 40th anniversary wallpaper will be offered from April 10 through March 31, 2024.


Disney Resort Line


Disney Resort Line will feature themed monorail trains in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort. In addition, day passes with limited-period designs and souvenir medallions with original Disney Resort Line designs will be available.

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