PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 1/20/23 (Lightning Lane Signage Finally Added to Ariel’s Grotto, TRON Lightcycle Run Construction Update, Splash Mountain’s Final Days, & More)

Good morning and Happy Friday! Join us around Magic Kingdom as we check in on TRON Lightcycle Run, visit Splash Mountain during its final days, and more.

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We hopped aboard the Resort Monorail this morning to take a closer look at the ongoing construction of Disney’s Vacation Club Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

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Slowly but surely, progress is being made. Framing has begun, and foundations are being poured.

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Time to check in on the other ongoing construction project, TRON Lightcycle / Run. With an opening date set, only minor details need to be added. For example, the entrance signage.

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The walkways to and around the attraction are paved.

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Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. has been totally gutted. Crew members are currently working on flooring. This shop is likely to become the exit shop for TRON Lightcycle / Run.

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Space Mountain is still undergoing cleaning of its mildewed and dirty exterior.

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Pete’s Silly Sideshow reopened just a few days ago after being closed for almost three years.

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At Big Top Souvenirs, we found a new Disney 100 Mickey Doll and accessories. It’s $39.99.

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Ariel’s Grotto reopens to guests on January 22, and the Lightning Lane signage has finally been posted.

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With only a 5-minute wait time, we hopped aboard “it’s a small world” to look for the new dolls in wheelchairs that should be arriving at the attraction soon.

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This is what we look like without our morning coffee in the hub grass.

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The boats of “it’s a small world” are now looking freshly scrubbed and cleaned, but there were no new dolls in sight. We’ll keep checking back.

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Only two days left to ride Splash Mountain. It will be closed on January 23 to be rethemed to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

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We hope they add a small photo, like the one above, to the new attraction to pay homage to Splash Mountain.

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We got caught by the cavalcade but loved waving to Donald!

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A new 50th Anniversary Grand Finale Mickey Mouse plush is now at the Emporium.

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The new Disney ily 4EVER collection is now available at the Emporium and on ShopDisney.

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Each doll or accessory set is inspired by a Disney Princess.

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Thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see ya real soon!

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