Pan Galactic Pizza Port Tony Solaroni Plush Landing in February at Tokyo Disneyland

Pizza lovers, count your lucky stars, Pan Galactic Pizza is speeding your way! One of the most beloved restaurants at Tokyo Disney Resort is Pan Galactic Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. Not for its food, which is on the worse side of mediocre at best, but for its quirky 1980s animatronic-video hybrid show featuring its franchisee Tony Solaroni. And now you can bring home the beloved Spumonian with a new plush coming in February to Tokyo Disneyland!

Tony Solaroni Plush – ¥4600 ($35.49)

TDL TonySolaroniPlush 1

The plush perfectly replicates the resident of the Spumoni Galaxy and proprietor of Pan Galactic Pizza Port’s Earth branch. Together with his handy PZ-5000 machine (and a team of wacky chefs behind the scenes), Tony Solaroni churns out plenty of pizzas not just for earthlings, but for creatures across the solar system in less than a Saturn day! Remember, if it’s not hot hot hot, then you don’t pay pay pay.

TDL TonySolaroniPlush 2

We see Solaroni in his iconic white vest, blue checkered ascot, white gloves, and yellow pants. His eyes protrude out the top of his head, and he’s got a full head of hair on the back of his noggin.

TDL TonySolaroniPlush 3

Behind, his tail also sticks out. The plush when sitting is about 27cm tall, or around 10.5 inches.

He goes on sale February 9 at Planet M, adjacent to Pan Galactic Pizza Port in Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland, so why not pick up one to show support for what may be Disney’s best counter service show-restaurant. Will you bring Tony Solaroni home with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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