Mountain Dew HOT SAUCE Is a Thing Now and We Have Questions

Here at Disney Food Blog, it should come as no surprise that we’ve tried a LOT of interesting food.

We’ve got the spice!

Sure, Disney is full of regular theme park food like chicken tenders, corn dog nuggets, and plastic cheese (of course!), but we’ve tried some pretty unique snacks in the parks. Recently we heard about a new spicy food creation and even we were taken by surprise!

National Hot Sauce Day was January 22nd, and Mountain Dew decided to really ‘spice’ things up with a new product. Soda-infused hot sauce, anyone?

©Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew announced that in celebration of National Hot Sauce Day, a NEW Baja Blast Hot Sauce would be available. Made with flavors used in their best-selling Baja Blast drink, this sweet and spicy sauce has hints of tropical lime…and lots of heat. We’re REALLY curious what this tastes like — does it taste like other hot sauces infused with fruit? Can you tell it’s made with Baja Blast? We’ll have to wait and see!


If you want to win the hot sauce, it will be through a sweepstakes which is open from now until February 8th, 2023! Click here if you want to enter to win.

Here at DFB, we love finding all the fun and funky new snacks, so stick around and see if we find one you should try!

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What would you put Mountain Dew hot sauce on? Let us know!

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