Guest Already Trespassed from Disney World Sneaks Back Into Magic Kingdom Without Tickets, Steals Cellphones and More

A man was arrested for stealing a visitor’s iPhone in what Disney suspected was connected to a pickpocketing ring after a small group of people snuck into the Magic Kingdom without buying tickets, according to a newly released sheriff’s report.

Victor Alfonso Diaz
Victor Alfonso Diaz

Victor Alfonso Diaz was arrested and charged with third-degree grand theft and trespass on November 27 when he was found in the park with a bag containing three phones, a SIM card key, two large portable chargers, and a silver faraday bag that blocks cell phone signals, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s arrest report. Two of the phones were put in airplane mode.

One woman who said her iPhone 14 was stolen from the front of her backpack that day was able to get it back, according to the arrest report. Her phone was valued at $1,000. The report didn’t indicate the owners of the other property found in his possession.

Alfonso Diaz, 33, of Orlando, denied stealing anything when he was confronted. He told law enforcement one phone was his and the rest of the items he found at the theme park. His lawyer did not return a message for comment.

Alfonso Diaz wasn’t alone when he was arrested.

He was part of a group of people who had caught Disney’s attention from past trouble.

“I was informed by Magic Kingdom Security Managers that prior suspected pick-pocketers had snuck into the park without park tickets and were possibly subjects of prior trespass warnings,” law enforcement documented, according to the report.

One person, whose name is listed as Elvia Johanna Palaciasoviedo in Orange Circuit Court record records, had a “large sum of cash in her wallet along with a SIM card key,” the sheriff’s report said. She was arrested and charged with trespass since Disney had issued her a trespass warning in February 2022. Court records showed she hadn’t been charged with theft-related crimes.

In addition, Orlando residents Carlos Eucevio Albarracin and Mathew Salamanca were also charged with trespass, according to court records. The charge is a misdemeanor crime.

Their arrest reports noted none of them had tickets to get into the park, and video surveillance showed them walking past the touchpoints at the turnstiles without using a ticket.

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