A Fan-Favorite Dish Is BACK at The Polite Pig in Disney Springs

Among all the amazing restaurants and eateries in Disney Springs, The Polite Pig can be a particularly popular spot.

The Polite Pig

With lots of BBQ-based fixin’s, Chef’s Specials to keep you coming back for more, and TONS of drinks to pick from — you’re sure to be satisfied. But fans of one particular seasonal dish from The Polite Pig will be THRILLED to hear that their beloved snack is back.

Back in October of 2021, The Polite Pig introduced a (new at the time) seasonal side — the BBQ Au Gratin! This side is made with Potatoes, a Cream Sauce, and Smoked Grated Gouda. Cheesy Potatoes? Say less! We (of course) had to try it back in 2021, and it did NOT disappoint.

We already want more

These were seriously delicious! The flavor was awesome, the Smoked Gouda went REALLY well with the potatoes, and the cream sauce gave it such a satisfying texture. Hearty, comforting, and tasty — these cheesy potatoes have it all.

Give us ALL the potatoes!

But, as is the case with seasonal sides, these can come and go. If you didn’t get the chance to try this beauty before, never fear. The BBQ Au Gratin is BACK by “popular demand” according to The Polite Pig!

©The Polite Pig via Instagram

Just ask for the seasonal side when ordering. Plus, it’s only $6.


This dish is a must-try, especially if you love carbs and cheese. Seriously, though, we get hungry just looking at it!

Comfort food at its best

The Polite Pig is located immediately to the right if you’re entering Disney Springs from Lime Garage, so it’s super easy to find. Plus, it’s surrounded by TONS of great stores if you’re looking to do some shopping before or after your meal.

The Polite Pig

If you’re looking for things to do in Disney Springs, we’ve got you covered. We know it can be slightly overwhelming when there’s just so much to do, so that’s why we lay it all out for you!

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