8 Forbidden Places Every Disney Adult Wants to Go

Disney theme parks are built like fine-tuned machines. But, as guests, we often don’t get to see what makes the magic happen behind the scenes.

Main Street, U.S.A. train station

There are certain places you just can’t go in the Disney parks — no matter how hard you might want to. No one knows this truth more intimately than Disney Adults. We know the parks like the back of our hands, and if you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “Man, really wish I could actually visit the Touch and Taste Labs on Journey Into Imagination,” this might just apply to you, too. Here are eight forbidden places every Disney Adult wants to go.

Forbidden Places

There are some places you just CAN’T go in the Disney parks, from inside attractions to backstage areas to secret spots only Cast Members can go. Some of these spots are legendary, and others are just so enticing!

Matterhorn Basketball Court

Sure, you might have seen the Matterhorn Bobsleds and thought about how badly you might want to climb to the top of the mountain. But, there’s something even better hiding inside the mountain — a basketball court!

“The Basketball Court” in the Matterhorn, The Imagineering Story ©Disney

Okay, it might be more like a basketball hoop, but most people probably have no idea that there might be someone shooting hoops while guests are whizzing by on the bobsleds! The “court” is located at the top of the mountain, and at one point was a staging area for performers. It’s basically a glorified break room with a basketball hoop — but man, don’t you just want to see if you could shoot a three-pointer from inside this place?!

Top of the Fantasmic! Mountain

Speaking of the tops of mountains, there are actually quite a few places we’d climb to in the parks if we had the chance. One such place is the top of the Fantasmic! mountain, where Sorcerer Mickey reigns supreme. Maybe it’s because the finale of this show is so epic, or maybe it’s because we think it would be incredible to look out and see those massive crowds!

Fantasmic! mountain

Not only that, but how cool would it be to actually stand on top of Spaceship Earth in EPCOT? At such heights, chances are you’d be able to see all of that construction going on in EPCOT pretty nicely. Does anyone else remember the Disney commercial from the 80s that showed Mickey on top of the sphere?


Although, depending on how comfortable you are with heights, these forbidden places could actually be your nightmare.

The Springs at Disney Springs

Have you ever strolled through a Disney park or resort and thought about how HOT it was? The Florida and California heat can be no joke, and if you’ve found yourself at Disney Springs at noon in the middle of August, chances are you’re looking for a way to cool down. And then suddenly, you spot glistening in the distance — a turquoise so bright it nearly blinds you.

Disney Springs

The springs at Disney Springs are SO enticing on a hot day — how could you not want to just dive right in?! We cannot stress enough that you should absolutely NOT do this, as the springs are just for looking. Instead, consider checking out a Disney resort hotel or even one of the water parks! Perhaps grab yourself a Dole Whip or cocktail to cool down with instead. Trust us, diving into Disney Springs is not worth getting banned from Disney!

Into Attraction Sets

How many times have you been on a Disney attraction and wondered what it might be like to actually be a part of the ride? On Journey Into Imagination with Figment, we never actually get to visit the Touch and Taste Labs because the tour gets cut short — but Disney fans will probably tell you how badly they wish they could! What sort of additional antics would Figment be up to in these forbidden places?

What is Figment HIDING?!

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to see if you could beat Grandma’s high score in the Carousel of Progress instead, or personally thank the Phoenicians for inventing the predecessor to most Western alphabets as we know them today. Chances are most Disney Adults have thought about which Disney ride they could be part of if given the opportunity!

Not Forbidden But Just Really Hard To Get to

Okay, while these next few places aren’t necessarily forbidden, they’re just particularly difficult to visit for one reason or another. Whether you need to book a special tour, make special reservations, or just know a guy — only the lucky few can say they’ve been to these spots.

Subway in the Utilidors

Most Disney Adults have heard of the Utilidors, the system of tunnels that runs beneath Magic Kingdom. Cast Members use the Utilidors to get around backstage without guests seeing some of the day-to-day operations of the parks. And, while guests actually can visit them on the Keys to the Kingdom tour, they’re not easy to get to!

Obtained via AllEars.net

But, there’s another secret hiding beneath Magic Kingdom, too — a Subway! Yes, there’s an actual Subway restaurant in the Utilidors for Cast Members to grab some grub in between shifts or while they’re on a break. That part of the Utilidors is generally off-limits to the average guest, but we do think it would be pretty cool to say you’ve eaten at the most exclusive Subway no one has ever heard of in Disney World.

Club 33

Club 33 is — as you might have guessed — a private club that’s reserved for members only. The flagship location is found in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, but there are actually Club 33 locations in all the Disney parks now. It was founded by Walt Disney himself, who wanted a place for corporate sponsors and elite guests to gather in the middle of Disneyland.

Club 33 Mosaic Logo

The original Club 33 was entirely renovated in 2014, it still remains an exclusive dining location offering access only to Club 33 Members and their guests. Because it’s so exclusive, most Disney Adults probably won’t ever get the chance to dine at this spot, so we think it deserves a place on our list. You can read more about this unique dining experience here.

Walt’s Apartment

When Walt built Disneyland, he envisioned a private escape within the Park where he and his beloved wife Lillian could entertain family, friends, dignitaries, and celebrities. The space wasn’t completed before his death, but the design persisted, and 21 Royal was born. Similar to Club 33, 21 Royal is another exclusive dining experience in Disneyland — located inside Walt’s apartment.

21 Royal Dining Room

And when we say exclusive, we mean it — the dinner experience is for up to 12 guests, and costs a minimum of $15,000. Yes, you read that correctly. Just grab 11 of your closest friends who are willing to cough up over $1,000 for dinner! We have been fortunate enough to experience this dinner, and you can read more about our experience here.

Cinderella Suite

The most exclusive Disney World hotel experience actually isn’t inside a hotel at all! The Cinderella Castle Suite was originally designed to be a suite for Walt Disney and his family, but Walt passed away before the completion of Disney World. The apartment was left unfinished but was eventually turned into office space. Then, in 2006, for the “Year of A Million Dreams” celebration, the Cinderella Castle Suite was finished as we know and love it today!

Cinderella Castle Suite ©Disney

Unfortunately, you can’t pay to stay in this hotel room. Generally, you’ll have to be invited or win a contest to get the chance to spend the night. We told you it was exclusive!

Go Inside the Cinderella Castle Suite Here

We’re just scratching the surface here, folks — there are SO many different “forbidden” spots someone might want to visit around the Disney parks. Just make sure you don’t actually try or you might risk getting kicked out of Disney altogether!

Cinderella Castle

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