What’s New at Disneyland Resort: 10 Delicious Snacks and LOADS of Merchandise

It’s the holiday season and we’ve been enjoying everything there is to do at the Disney parks!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

The holidays have officially kicked off in Disneyland with plenty of festive treats, the Festival of Holidays over at Disney California Adventure, and decorations all over the parks. We hope you’re ready for some Disneyland updates, because here we go!

Disneyland Food Updates

Frontierland Pretzel Cart

New holiday treats are continuously rolling out in the parks and that includes the Holiday Cookie PretzelThis snack pushes what it means to be a pretzel and is a a ginger snap cookie-dusted pretzel with vanilla icing dipping sauce.

Holiday Cookie Pretzel

You can try it for $8.25 — we loved it overall, but the ginger flavor was a bit strong in some bites.

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Rancho Del Zocalo

Ice cream sandwich fans, this one is for you! The Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich is in Disneyland this holiday season for $8.49.

Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s made of Mexican sweet bread with eggnog ice cream, hot buttered rum-flavored sauce, whipped topping, and a chocolate skull! 

See our full review of the ice cream sandwich here!

New Orleans Churro Cart

The New Orleans Churro Cart is home to the Pistachio-Cherry Churros at Disneyland right now!

Pistachio Cherry Churros

These may look like a nice, sweet treat, but don’t be fooled — they are topped with a ghost pepper sauce! If you’re brave enough to try them, this treat is $6.75.

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Refreshment Corner

For a sweet treat this holiday season, check out the Caramel-Pecan Cream Cheese PretzelThis dessert pretzel is a cream cheese pretzel topped with caramel sauce and candied pecans. Yum!

Caramel Pecan Cream Cheese Pretzel

We really loved this snack — it was warm and buttery — and we’ll be dreaming about it constantly. It costs $7.59.

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Docking Bay 7

For anyone who celebrates the Star Wars holiday called Life Day, there are two new eats in Galaxy’s Edge! You can now grab the Trandoshan-style Pasta with Braised Bantha for $18.99. 

Trandoshan-style Pasta with Braised Bantha

This one is made with chile-braised beef, buttered garlic cavatelli, and seasonal vegetables with zesty avocado sauce and balsamic glaze and wow! It is spicy but super flavorful!

We also tried the Yobshrimp Mix Stew with Swamp Grains which is made with spicy tomato curry pan roast with shrimp, sausage, vegetables, and herb rice.

Yobshrimp Mix Stew with Swamp Grains

This one was ALSO spicy! We loved the flavors in here so if you’re a spicy food fan, give it a try for $17.49.

Read our full review of these 2 items here!

Disneyland Merchandise Updates


Holiday merchandise is still rolling into Disneyland! That includes this Kids Long Pocket Long Sleeve ($34.99)

Long Sleeve Holiday Shirt

… the Kids Spider-Man Christmas Shirt ($29.99)

Spider-Man Holiday Shirt

…this Seasons Grootings Shirt ($39.99)

Seasons Grootings

…and the gorgeous Starbucks Christmas Tumbler ($49.99).


We also spotted plenty of non-holiday merchandise including the Swirl Spirit Jersey ($79.99)

Spirit Jersey

…the Swirl Minnie Ears ($34.99)

Swirl Ears

…the Swirl Loungefly ($75)


…a Pink Minnie Kids Fleece Jacket ($39.99)

Kids Jacket

…a Kids Minnie Pink Puffy Jacket ($69.99)

Puffy Jacket

…the Pluto Wallet ($16.99)

Pluto Wallet

…the Be Your Own Rainbow Tumbler ($19.99)


…a Rainbow Mickey MagicBand+ ($44.99)

Mickey MagicBand+

…a Mickey & Friends MagicBand+ ($44.99)

Character MagicBand+

…a Mickey Welcome Friends Jacket ($59.99)

Welcome Friends

…this Checkered Shrit Dress ($44.99)

T-shirt Dress

…a Disneyland Dark Grey Hoodie ($64.99)


…a small Disneyland Cup ($9.99)

Disneyland Cup

…the Checkered D Crewneck ($49.99)

Checkered shirt

…with Checkered Tights to match ($39.99).


We also found new Goofy themed merch like this Walt Disney’s Goofy Crewneck ($44.99)


Goofy How To Fish Pants ($54.99)

Goofy Pants

…the Goofy Art of Skiing Button Up ($59.99)

Art of Skiing

…a Goofy Reversible Bucket Hat ($29.99)

Goofy Bucket Hat

…the Goofy How To Fish Hoodie ($64.99)

Goofy Hoodie

…a Goofy Bag ($44.99)

Goofy Bag

…and this Goofy “Concept” Shirt ($36.99).

Goofy Concept Shirt

But wait, there’s more! Also at the Emporium, we found the Checkered Castle Cropped Shirt ($29.99)

Checkered Castle Shirt

…the Grey Disneyland Castle Shirt ($36.99)

Castle Shirt

Disneyland Castle Joggers ($44.99)

Castle Joggers

…a Minnie Shirt With Sleep Shorts ($49.99)

PJs Set

Minnie Joggers ($54.99)

Minnie Joggers

…a Holiday Cookie Jar ($54.99)

Cookie Jar

…a Kids Red Long Sleeve Button Up ($44.99)

Santa Mickey Shirt

…a Kids Mickey Santa Shirt ($19.99)

Santa Mickey

…this Pooh Christmas Plush ($29.99)

Winnie the Pooh Holiday Plush

…the Tiana Love Your Melon x Disney Beanie

Tiana Love Your Melon

…and the Princess Love Your Melon x Disney Beanie  for $54.99 each.

Princess Love Your Melon

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is celebrating its 85th anniversary with new merch! There’s a Snow White Tumbler ($29.99)

Snow White Tumbler

…this Sleepy Figure ($29.99)

Sleepy Figure

… a Snow White Journal Set ($24.99)

Journal Set

…the Snow White Keychain Set ($19.99)

Keychain Set

…the Just One Bite Purse ($39.99)

Just One Bite

…the Snow White Apple Purse ($39.99)

Snow White Purse

…this Snow White T-Shirt ($44.99)

Snow White T-shirt

…the White Snow White Shirt ($39.99)

Snow White Shirt

…and a Snow White Jacket!

Snow White Jacket

The jacket is $99.99.


If you are a fan of Rubik’s cubes and Disney, you’re in luck! You’ll find a Winnie the Pooh version…

Winnie the Pooh

…a Minnie Mouse version…


…a Daisy version…


…and a Donald version! Each of these are $19.99.


Barefoot Dreams has some new merchandise in Disneyland with the Dark Grey Barefoot Dreams Beanie


…a Dark Grey Barefoot Dreams Blanket


…a White Barefoot Dreams Beanie


…and a White Barefoot Dreams Blanket. The beanies are $40 and the blankets are $48.


We also found this Eiffel Tower Aristocats Jacket for $64.99

Aristocats Jacket

…and this Bambi Crewneck!

Bambi Crewneck

The crewneck is $54.99.

Little Green Men Store Command

It’s November and the colder air is coming in! That makes the Pixar Love Your Melon Beanie for $54.99 very handy.

Pixar Love Your Melon

There’s also a Monsters Inc. Warm and Fuzzy Apron for $34.99 that’s perfect for any holiday baking!


And Toy Story fans will love this — check out the Jessie Marionette we found!


It’ll cost you $49.99.

Star Trader

Star Wars fans, get ready, because there is a bunch of new merch at Star Trader for you! We found a Coruscant Long Sleeve ($39.99)

Coruscant Shirt

…a Coruscant Hat ($34.99)

Coruscant Hat

… a Star Wars Marathon Shirt ($29.99)

Star Wars Marathon

…the Eat Sleep Watch Repeat Mug ($22.99)


…a Baby Yoda Mug ($19.99)

Grogu Mug

…a new Mandalorian and Grogu Shirt ($39.99)


…a Mandalorian and Grogu Hat ($29.99)


…a Kids Flannel ($49.99)

Kids Flannel

…the Mandalorian and Grogu Strong With The Force Kids Shirt ($34.99)

Strong with the Force

…the Star Wars Utility Keychain

Utility Keychain

…a Mandalorian and Grogu Long Sleeve ($39.99)

Mando and Grogu

…the He May Choose His Own Path Ahsoka Tano Shirt ($39.99)

Ahsoka Shirt

…the Mandalorian and Grogu Quarter Zip ($54.99)

Quarter Zip

…the He May Choose His Own Path Flannel ($69.99)


…this Grogu Bag ($39.99)

Grogu Bag

…and switching fandoms, we also found this Marvel Tumbler!

Marvel Tumbler

The tumbler is $24.99.


In need of some new pins? Head to Tomorrowlanding where we found the Tiana Pin for $34.99

Tiana Pin

…the Set of 3 Star Wars Pins for $21.99

Star Wars Pins

…the Jafar Pin for $17.99

Jafar Pin

…a Jasmine and Aladdin Pin for $17.99

Jasmine & Aladdin Pin

…this Encanto Feliz Navidad Pin for $17.99

Encanto Pin

…an Enchanted Pin $17.99

Enchanted Pin

…an Alice in Wonderland Pin for $17.99

Alice in Wonderland Pin

…and the Donald Thanksgiving Pin.

Thanksgiving Pin

The Thanksgiving pin is $17.99.

Droid Depot

There is also a bunch of new droid-themed merchandise in Galaxy’s Edge! Check out the R2 R Series Hoodie ($59.99)


…the R2 Kids Crewneck ($49.99)

Kids Crewneck

…the Industrial Automaton Hat ($29.99)


…the BB8 Cropped Shirt ($34.99)

BB8 Cropped Shirt

…the Droid Depot Kids Crewneck ($39.99)

Droid Depot Kids Crewneck

…the Galaxy’s Most Wanted Kids Shirt ($29.99)

Galaxy’s Most Wanted

…the Kids Flip Up Droid Shirt ($34.99)

Kids Shirt

…the Kids Droid Pocket Crewneck ($39.99)

Kids Pocket Shirt

…the C1 Series Shirt ($34.99)


…the BB8 Kids Hoodie ($49.99)

BB8 Kids Hoodie

…and the C3PO Zipper Hoodie.

C3PO Hoodie

This hoodie is $64.99. If you need some new apparel to rep your favorite droids, you’re all set!

Outpost Stand

As we mentioned above we just celebrated Life Day in Galaxy’s Edge and there was special merchandise to commemorate the holiday! We found the Celebrating Together Shirt for $36.99

Celebrating Together Life Day Shirt

…the Life Day 2022 Kids Shirt for $24.99

Life Day Kids Shirt

…the Celebrating Together Red Shirt for $36.99

Life Day Shirt

…the Celebrating Together Hat for $29.99

Life Day Hat

…the Life Day Mug for $19.99

Life Day Mug

…and the Life Day Hoodie!

Life Day Hoodie

The hoodie will cost you $54.99. That’s all of the merchandise from Disneyland!

Disney California Adventure Food Updates

Flo’s V8 Cafe

Cars Land is full of delicious snacks and now there’s a new treat — the Gingerbread Shake

Gingerbread Shake

While the shakes here are usually some of our favorites, unfortunately this one was not our fave. If you want to be smacked in the face by the ginger flavor, then this one is for you! It’ll cost you $10.99.

See our full review here!

Cozy Cones

We found the Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktail over at the Cone-coctions Cozy Cone, which is made with peanut butter whiskey, peanut butter syrup, vanilla ice cream, almond milk, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream, and peanut butter drizzle for $16. Look at that!

Peanut Butter Whiskey Drink

That’s not all in Cars Land — at the Popcone part of the Cozy Cones, you’ll be able to try the Exquisite Corn Fritters covered in Chile-lime seasoning, cilantro-lime dressing, cojita cheese, and pico de gallo!

Esquite Corn Fritters

The seasoning on these is *chef’s kiss and it was a really yummy savory snack. Grab it yourself for $7.49!

See our review of the corn fritters here!

Smokejumpers Grill

Stop everything and run to Smokejumpers Grill to try the Maple Bacon ShakeThis is a maple-flavored shake topped with whipped cream, bacon bits, and maple drizzle and it’s a serious must-try for $8.99!

Yes, please!

Maple, ice cream, AND bacon? What’s not to love!

See our full review of the maple bacon milkshake here!

Disney California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Five and Dime

Bambi is finally getting the love it deserves! After spotting some new Bambi ears, we also spotted the Bambi Hoodie for $59.99.

Bambi Hoodie

Some new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever merch is also available like the Vibranium Sonic Gauntlet for $24.99


…and the World of Wakanda Puzzle for $24.99.


We also found a brand new Hercules Jean Jacket!

Hercules Jean Jacket

The jacket features Hercules and Pegasus for $79.99.

Super Store

Thought that was all of the Black Panther merchandise? Well, there’s more! We also found the Wakanda Forever Book ($17.99)

Wakanda Forever Book

…the Wakanda Forever Water Bottle and Holder ($39.99)

Black Panther Bottle & Holder

…and the Black Panther 5 Panel Hat ($34.99).

Black Panther Hat

The uber popular Scarlet Witch Ears are back in stock!

Scarlet Witch ears are back!

And, if you want to check out some of the costumes from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, they are on display here!


Yes, these are really the costumes worn in the movie. How cool!

Flavors of Wakanda

Disneyland is celebrating big for the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and that includes an entire food booth dedicated to Wakanda! At the booth, you’ll find this Wakanda Coke Can Sipper.


You can grab it with a non-alcoholic beverage for $26.

Bing Bongs

What’s fuzzy and pink all over? It’s the new Pink Fuzzy Loungefly for $95!


Remy is getting into the holiday spirit with the Remy Christmas Plush!

Remy Plush

The plush is holding a holiday cookie (of course) and it costs $26.99.

Refreshment Stand by Silly Symphony Swings

We also found two new holiday tumblers available at Disney California Adventure — the Holiday Stainless Steel Tumbler and the Holiday Travel Tumbler with Lanyard!

Holiday Tumblers

The stainless steel tumbler is $31.25 and the travel tumbler is $15.75.

Elysian Arcade

It’s almost the holidays and it’s the perfect time to start buying gifts. Give you mother the Mom MagicBand+

Mom MagicBand+

…or your father the Dad MagicBand+. 

Dad MagicBand+

They are $44.99 each.

Mortimer’s Market

Looking to add a little Muppets cheer to your drink? Check out the Kermit Straw Clip!

Kermit Straw Clip

This little guy is $7.99 and is sure to make you smile.

Disneyland Miscellaneous Updates

Baby Yoda & Mandalorian

ALERT! This is not a drill — Grogu and the Mandalorian have officially arrived in Galaxy’s Edge! 

Baby Yoda!!

These characters from the hit show The Mandalorian on Disney+ have never been in the parks before, but we’re so excited they are here! You’ll find them walking around Batuu.

Learn more about this unique character experience here!

Mickey & Minnie’s Birthday Cavalcade

In case you missed it, November 18th was Mickey & Minnie’s birthday! To celebrate, Disneyland gave out birthday pins as you walked in and held a special cavalcade for the beloved characters.

Birthday Cavalcade

Happy Birthday Mickey and Minnie!

Whew! We made it through all of the latest updates from Disneyland Resort! Stay tuned because we’ll continue to let you know about everything happening on the west coast. In the meantime, check out some of the big changes coming to Disneyland in our video below!

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