What You Have To Pack For Disney World Because You Can’t Buy It There

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Disney World is known for being the Most Magical Place on Earth, where dreams can come true.

Cinderella Castle

But, there are some dreams that even pixie dust can’t make happen in Disney World, and that’s because there are a few different essentials you won’t find in the parks. We’ve rounded up a list of what you should remember to pack before heading to Disney World — because you can’t buy it once you’re there!

First things first — if you’re one who constantly has to be chewing gum, you’re definitely going to want to remember to pack some in your suitcase and toss a few packs in your park bag. Chewing gum isn’t sold anywhere on Disney property since Walt didn’t want people spitting it out on the ground!


You can pick up this Trident Variety Pack from Amazon for $20 — it comes with nearly 300 pieces of gum.

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Disney and Coca-Cola have had a long-standing partnership, so you won’t find any Pepsi products around Disney World. But, you can bring them with you! If you need a little pick-me-up, grab this Sugar Free Red Bull 4-Pack for $6.48.


You can toss a couple in your park bag and even DIY a Red Bull Vodka if you’re into that sort of thing!

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Disney World tissues and toilet paper aren’t known for being the softest, so if you’re particular about your paper products you might want to consider bringing some with ya. You can grab these Puffs Plus Lotion Tissues and have enough to stock up on all your future Disney trips too!


Grab this 8-box pack for $14.99.

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Traveling can be tough on the immune system, so protect yours with Emergen-C Immune+ drink packets. You just pour the mix into water and you’ve got 1,000mg of Vitamin C in your system!


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While you will be able to find shampoo, conditioner, and other bath products in Disney World — they might not be the ones you like! So, if you have a preferred brand of products, make sure you toss those in your suitcase before you leave for your trip! You can get this Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner set from Amazon.


Add it to your online cart now for $11.99.

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If you’re used to sleeping with a ceiling fan or other type of fan, you know how tough it can be to fall asleep without one. Consider bringing a portable fan with you if you’re able to! The air flow and noise just might help you sleep better.


You can grab this Amazon Basics 7-inch Fan for $16.99.

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And finally, be refreshed and ready for your next park day thanks to the weighted blanket you packed. This one is 15 pounds and has a microfiber fabric lining.


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