Proof that One Disney Park Just Does Snacks BETTER Than the Rest

You might think that you’ve had your fill of amazing snacks in Disney World, but what we’re about to show you might tempt you to book a flight to an international Disney park ASAP.

Our Popcorn

We’ve been sharing some stories and snack reviews from Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea lately and those might already have your taste buds begging for more! So today we’re taking a look at one spot in Tokyo Disney Sea that has seriously ICONIC eats you won’t want to miss!

Within Tokyo Disney Sea, you’ll find a counter-service restaurant called Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery! According to Disney, the story behind this spot is that it is owned by “Mamma,” which is what the villagers call her.

So the story goes, Mamma’s aromatic breads give early-rising workers the burst of energy they need! So you are encouraged to “be like the villagers” and pick from different breads and pastries here, along with cappuccino drinks.

Mamma Biscotti’s!

The outside of this spot features the Mamma Biscotti’s logo between two windows, with an awning below them. Overall it has a weathered look to it — which fits in with this being within a village full of workers. It feels more “lived in” than what you might expect from a theme park restaurant.

Mamma Biscotti’s

On the outside, you’ll find a menu showcasing what’s available, as well as the operating hours.

The Menu

Our friend Heather Sievers from Dining in Disney visited Mamma Biscotti’s and shared ALL the details with us. Heather noted that while this spot used to have tons of baked goods, it only serves up a handful of items at the moment.

You’ll place your order and pay, and then pick up your order at the counter.

Inside the Restaurant

In terms of snack offerings, you’ll find coffee with milk and apple juice (with a cute Disney-themed box!), custard bread (with a Mickey on top!)

Some of the Snacks

…the ICONIC Mike Wazowski melon bread, pastries shaped like the Main Mouse

More Treats

…and some souvenirs, like this souvenir pouch of Mike Wazowski…

A Souvenir Case!!

…and these little snack cases with Disney characters on them.

Some More Items You Can Pick Up

You can spot some items displayed along the counter…

We’re Getting Hungry!

…and get a peek at some of the drinks available on menus behind the counter. We especially love the small details here, like those containers on the counter with beautiful detailing — one of which says “Biscotti” on it.

What Would You Try?

Next, it’s time to pick up those snacks and sandwiches and head to the outside tables to enjoy them!


We’ll take a little bit of everything, please! 😆

A Little Bit of Everything!

Heather shared that the snacks here are typically GREAT and this trip was no exception.

The Snacks

She shared that the Mickey-shaped pastry with the tomatoes on top was a chicken salad-type dish and was EXTRA delicious. YUM!


Then there’s that Melon Bread. It’s an ICONIC snack at Tokyo Disney Sea given its theming to Mike Wazowski.

It’s Just So Cute

And finally, we got some more snacks to round out our meal…

Love That Little Mickey Detail

…including some sandwiches.

Our Sandwich

This spot, and so many others at Tokyo Disney Resort, really take things to the next level.

  • Apple juice boxes with Disney theming? Check!
  • Souvenir items featuring beloved characters? Check!
  • Colorful food wrappers with adorable character designs on them? Check!
  • Mickey-shaped food? Check!
  • Character-shaped food? Check!
  • Little Mickeys on other food? Check!

They just do Disney food RIGHT when it comes to theming and extras (and flavors!).

A Look in the Case

So, what do you think — tempted to book a flight to Japan ASAP to shove these snacks (and others) into your belly? We don’t blame you! Travel restrictions for those going to Japan have recently changed, so if you’re looking for information about how to go to Tokyo Disneyland now, click here.

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Which of the snacks above would you most want to try? Tell us in the comments!

Heather Sievers is DisneyFoodBlog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist! Check out more of her adventures at @DininginDisney on Instagram!

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