PHOTOS: The 22nd Annual Gingerbread Carousel Themed to Disney Princesses Debuts at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

It’s that time of the year when not only are the Disney theme parks decorated for the holidays but so are the resort hotels. Every Disney hotel receives decorations specially themed to their resorts, and many of them also include gingerbread-themed displays.

One of the most famous and popular is the Victorian gingerbread house at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. This year’s house, which also features gingerbread shingles and other treats for sale, is currently under construction.

Other resorts’ gingerbread creations are also quite popular with guests including the beautiful gingerbread carousel found at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. This is the 22nd year the resort has presented a gingerbread carousel for the guests.

Beach Club gingerbread carousel overview 2

This year’s carousel, themed to Disney Princesses, is up and ready for guests to enjoy.

Starting in July, it took the 39 pastry cooks and pastry chefs from Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts over 600 hours to create this year’s gingerbread carousel.

The entire carousel, with 2,021 pieces of gingerbread, is completely edible and is made from a number of ingredients including gingerbread, chocolate, and royal icing.

Beach club carousel gingerbread canopy 3

If you think you use a lot of ingredients to make your own gingerbread house or gingerbread men, you should see what it takes to make this holiday confection. According to Disney, this massive structure is made from:

  • 432 pounds of honey
  • 1,200 pounds of rye flour
  • 100 pounds of eggs
  • 25 pounds of spices
  • 10 pounds of simple syrup (sugar/water mixture)
  • 200 pounds of icing
  • 10 quarts of egg whites (approx: 480 egg whites)
  • 100 pounds of confectioners sugar
  • 50 pounds of dark chocolate
  • 200 gumpaste flowers (also made from sugar)
  • 20 pounds of Grand Mariner liquor
Beach club carousel gingerbread canopy detail

The basic structure of the gingerbread carousel is similar to last year’s with a snow-covered gingerbread slated roof, hand-cut decorated gingerbread snowflakes, and the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary logo interspersed between the snowflake cookies.

Beach club carousel gingerbread canpoy close up
Beach club carousel gingerbread close up 2
Beach club carousel gingerbread castle close up

Crowning the roof of the carousel, on top of a snow-covered “mountain,” is Cinderella Castle decorated for the 50th Anniversary.

Yacht Club gingerbread carousel close up

The horses are inspired by various Disney Princesses – Belle, Elsa, Snow White, and Tiana. In addition to looking and smelling amazing, the carousel actually spins. It also features 22 hidden golden Mickeys located throughout the creation.

Belle-inspired Gingerbread horse from “Beauty and the Beast”

Beach club carousel gingerbread belle 2

The galloping horse honoring Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” is instantly recognizable by the horse’s mane in an up-swept style similar to Belle, as well as references to her signature yellow ballgown covering the body of the horse.

Beach Club gingerbread carousel
Beach club carousel gingerbread belle detail

Other items attributed to Belle include a mirror and books on top of the red rose-adorned saddle, the single rose inside the bell jar, and a banner, next to a Belle plaque, that reads, “Tale As Old As Time.”

Tiana-inspired Gingerbread horse from “The Princess and the Frog”

Beach Club gingerbread carousel 5

The Tiana horse, from “Princess and the Frog,” has influences from her gown including the various hues of green, magnolia flowers, and her crown. Other touches include a large copper stock pot with a red bow on top of the saddle and cascading beignets in the shape of Mickey.

Elsa-inspired Gingerbread horse from “Frozen”

Beach club carousel gingerbread elsa far away

Following behind the Tiana horse is the Elsa-themed carousel horse from “Frozen.”

Beach Club gingerbread carousel3

With frozen fractals all around, the Elsa horse is a frothy confection of whites, blues, and purples.

Beach club carousel gingerbread elsa close up

The horse’s mane is reminiscent of Elsa’s long, flowing white hair. The saddle and blanket have various symbols from Arendelle. On top of the saddle is a facsimile of her ice castle and off to one side is a Mickey version of Olaf.

Snow White-inspired Gingerbread horse from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Beach club carousel gingerbread snow white

Between Elsa and Belle is the Snow White-inspired carousel horse.

snow white carousel horse gingerbread

Without any of the other accessories, this horse is instantly recognizable with the horse’s mane styled in her jet black bob, the high white collar, the red cape trimmed in white, and her blue and yellow dress with red and blue-capped sleeves.

Beach club carousel gingerbread snow white 2
Beach club carousel gingerbread snow white detail scaled

On closer inspection, you will find a delicious red apple and the Evil Queen’s mirror accented with red poinsettia flowers. The bottom of the sale has a 3-D scene of Snow White enjoying an afternoon in the forest with some of her woodland creature friends.

Jasmine-inspired horse from “Aladdin”

Beach club carousel gingerbread with jasmine horse

Off to the side is a stationary horse inspired by Jasmine from “Aladdin.”

Beach club carousel gingerbread jasmine 2

Princess Jasmine’s crown is secured on the horse’s mane by her wavy long black hair.

Beach club carousel gingerbread jasmine front
Beach club carousel gingerbread jasmine detail

The “blanket” has touches from Jasmine’s outfit and is adorned with various jewels, a 50th Anniversary medallion, and a landscape of Agrabah.

The saddle is decorated with gold poinsettias, a miniature version of a magic carpet, the genie’s lamp, and some gold coins.

Beach Club gingerbread recognition plaque

One decorated proclamation, Santa’s Nice List, acknowledges all the pastry cooks and chefs who contributed to this year’s gingerbread carousel.

Beach club carousel gingerbread ingredients
Beach club carousel gingerbread overview

Last year, Disney’s Beach Club Resort gingerbread carousel was based on “The Little Mermaid.”

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Are you excited about the holidays at Walt Disney World? Do you hotel hop to see the various resort decorations? Let us know in the comments below.

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