New Hercules Dress by the Dress Shop at Walt Disney World Resort

Channel the Muses with a new “Hercules” dress by the Disney Dress Shop, now available throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Hercules Dress – $128

hercules muses dress 4249

The dress is a peachy color.

hercules muses dress 4235

The dress has Grecian-inspired shoulder straps and low elastic sleeves.

hercules muses dress 4236
hercules muses dress 4248

An extra layer of flowy fabric sits over the bust.

hercules muses dress 4241

The skirt has stars all over it.

hercules muses dress 4240

Silhouetted images of characters from “Hercules” are along the bottom between columns, looking like Greek art you might see on a vase.

hercules muses dress 4237

The Muses are gathered together for a song.

hercules muses dress 4238

A vase on a pedestal features Herc’s face.

hercules muses dress 4239

And Megara is pictured holding a flower.

hercules muses dress 4242

The front and back of the dress look mostly the same.

hercules muses dress 4243

The images on the bottom repeat around the skirt.

hercules muses dress 9128

We found this dress in both The Majestic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom.

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