Marvel Kitchen Collection Debuts at Disneyland Resort

Avengers Assemble! An all new Marvel themed kitchen collection was spotted at the Super Store featuring Avengers Campus in Disney’s California Adventure.

Marvel Oven Mitt and Pot Holder – $19.99

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These two hot pan holders come as a set. The pot holder is made of silicone. The front features a white background and different Avengers insignias. A sky blue borders the hexagon shape.

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The back is all sky blue. Note: this can not go in the microwave or dishwasher.

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The oven mitt is white and covered in the Avengers’ different symbols. We can see Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, and The Hulk, just to name a few. A large Marvel logo is stitched on the bottom of the mitt.

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Silicone lines the inside grasping area of the oven mitt.

Marvel Spatula – $14.99

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This extra large spatula looks perfect to use for pancakes. The flipper is a large Marvel logo in red.

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The handle matches the rest of the collection, covered in the different Avengers symbols.

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The flipper is angled to help you flip your food with ease.

Marvel Whisk and Spatula – $19.99

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Matching the large spatula, this whisk and small spatula have the same design. They are sold together.

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The top of the whisk is sky blue, and so is the top of the small spatula.

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The Marvel logo is on the handle of each utensil.

Marvel Nesting Bowl Set – $34.99

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You can use the whisk while mixing in these nesting bowls.

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They come in a set of three. The smallest one is red on the inside, the medium a light grey, and the largest is blue.

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At the bottom of the red bowl, we can see Spider-Man’s insignia.

Marvel Nesting Graduated Measuring Cups – $24.99

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Nesting measuring cups are all the same design on the outside, white with the Marvel logo and covered in Avengers symbols. They don’t have measuring sizes printed on them.

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The smallest is red and has Ant-Man’s symbol at the bottom.

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The largest is off white and shows The Hulk’s symbol at the bottom.

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The blue measuring cup depicts Captain Marvel’s symbol.

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These cannot be used in the microwave or placed in the dishwasher.

Marvel Kitchen Utensil Holder – $29.99

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Now that you have all new matching kitchen utensils, you must have the matching holder. It is covered in different super hero symbols. The Marvel logo is printed at the bottom.

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Two thin sky blue lines round the top, and three line bottom of the holder.

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Will you be cooking with this new super set?

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