‘Fantastic Beasts’ Niffler Loungefly Backpack & Wallet Appear at Universal Orlando Resort

While those mischievous Nifflers from the “Fantastic Beasts” series may be adept at snatching your belongings, it might be helpful to have one on your side when you visit Universal Orlando Resort. And if you stop over at Islands of Adventure Trading Company in Port of Entry, you might be lucky enough to grab some Niffler Loungefly wallets and backpacks of your own!

Niffler Loungefly Mini-Backpack – $82

NifflerWalletandLoungeflyUOR 1

The platypus-like fuzzball now has his own Loungefly backpack, covered in black fur. His adorable face is sewn on with a patch, while he clutches onto a bag with jewelry spilling out. Two stuffed feet also protrude from the bottom.

NifflerWalletandLoungeflyUOR 2
NifflerWalletandLoungeflyUOR 3
NifflerWalletandLoungeflyUOR 4

The sides are also covered in fur, and a “Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them | Loungefly” tag is placed on the right-hand side.

NifflerWalletandLoungeflyUOR 5

The inside is lined with a gold coin print, as Nifflers are known as scavengers. Or worse — thieves.

Niffler Loungefly Wallet – $55

NifflerWalletandLoungeflyUOR 6

Like the mini-backpack, the Niffler wallet is covered all-over in black fur. The front has his face sewn on with a patch, while his hands guard a pile of gold coins in his pouch.

NifflerWalletandLoungeflyUOR 7 e1668725177460
On the back is the standard Loungefly marker.
NifflerWalletandLoungeflyUOR 8

Inside is rather unremarkable, just a plain black faux leather.

We found both of these at the Islands of Adventure Trading Company, which is in Port of Entry. Let us know if you’ll be adding these to your Loungefly collections in the comments below!

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