‘Dad, Disney took your song,’ Disney Sued Over Frozen 2 Track

It’s been almost three years since Disney released the long-awaited sequel to their 2013 smash hit, Frozen, and the film is once again making headlines. On November 1st, musician Daniel Grigson filed a suit in the Los Angeles Federal Court, accusing the songwriter of the Frozen 2 song Some Things Never Change of copying sections of his track That Girl from almost 20 years earlier. Disney and, more specifically, Robert Lopez, the youngest EGOT winner (a person achieving an Emmy award, a Grammy award, an Oscar, and a Tony), are being pursued in a lawsuit claiming that Disney plagiarized his track, including the structure, some lyrics, and chord progression.

Grigson says that his 11-year-old daughter turned to him, saying, ‘Dad, Disney took your song,’ and he subsequently took action to have the songs analyzed with a legal filing that followed. The plaintiff is seeking a portion of profits generated by the song as well as the discontinuation of Disney’s use of the track. See what you think of the two tracks below.