Christmas is Starting NOW at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

We have been talking about Christmas A LOT the past two days. Here is some more holiday magic, but it’s coming from Hollywood Studios this time.

I came here today for a dining review but also hoping to see Santa Gertie. Sadly there is no Santa hat on our favorite dinosaur. I saw that Sunset Blvd is starting to get all dressed up for the holidays. They have started putting out the tinsel stars, which I absolutely love.

Personally, I think Hollywood Studios has the best Christmas decor out of all the parks. Unfortunately, they haven’t put out the rest of the decorations, but it should all be out by next week.

Also, on Hollywood Blvd, they are getting ready to hang the garland. The cords have been suspended from building to building, so hopefully, we will see that in the next few days.

Yes, this may seem very minor, but it is so exciting to see the parks transition into Christmas. To me, it is the most magical time of the year, even if it is hot.

Have you ever stayed at Walt Disney World during this transition period? Let us know in the comments.