Why Halloween Candy Will Cost You MORE This Year

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Halloween is fast approaching, and we’re already anticipating all of that CANDY we’re going to eat!

Spooky Season!!

Everyone seems to be getting in the spirit — McDonald’s has Halloween Happy MealsAmazon has a ton of costumes, and Disney is celebrating with a party, of course. But, something you might not be thinking about this year is your Halloween budget. And, prices have increased for a vital part of the Halloween experience.

Halloween candy prices have gone UP in the United States, according to according to CNBC. Since last September, they’ve gone up in price by more than 13.1%.


That means you’ll likely have to budget a bit more for your usual amount of candy to pass out to trick or treaters. Prices for Halloween candy could be closer to $35 per household this year, which is $5 more than what Americans are budgeting for on average, according to a National Retail Federation survey.


So, let’s take a closer look at some of those price increases. Over at Walmart, a 160-piece “fun-sized” variety pack of candy is retailing for $16.98 ($2.24 more than last year), a 120-piece variety pack from Amazon is selling for $10.99 ($2.01 more than last year), and Sam’s Club has a 450-piece variety pack for $26.98 ($2.50 more than last year).

Trick or TREAT?!

The higher cost of candy could be due to increased sugar costs, according to CNBC. These prices have gone up because of extreme weather, supply chain issues, and energy costs.

Candy bucket

If you want to keep your candy costs down, you can try to buy in bulk, so that the cost per piece of candy ends up being lower. Check out this 365-piece bag of candy for $26.98. Otherwise, just plan to pay a bit more for your Halloween candy this year. Or, maybe you can split a giant bag of candy with your neighbor to hand to trick or treaters!

Candy time

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